Opinion: A DOE Watch Exclusive Report

The serious health problems that arose from the Manhattan Project and its chemical poisons leading to heavy metals poisoning.

The Secret is Out on The Governments covered up environmental and health problems.

Oak Ridge: An Environmental Health Holocaust --- the critical role of enzymes GSH and SOD.

Oak Ridge Secrets: An East Tennessee Health Holocaust.
Oak Ridge's Illnesses Explained in the Simplest Terms.

By: Jim Phelps
Copyright 2005

There is something diabolically sinister about a city celebrating the 60-th Anniversary of dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan and killing hundreds of thousands of people and giving many more cancers. Yet, we have Oak Ridge, Tennessee having its Secret City Festival Celebration for this terrible internationally banned weapon of mass destruction. If Oak Ridge can find reason to celebrate killing, then one should begin to suspect their ethics in general.

The second annual Secret City Festival of 2005 in Oak Ridge featured one of the pilots of the Enola Gay plane that dropped the A-bomb on Japan and the 2nd stage Beta III Calutrons of the Y-12 plant that did the final high end or 93% enrichment for the A-bomb's uranium. The Oak Ridge plants used 1/7 of the electric power in the United States to enrich this uranium. The Calutron buildings had huge PCB cooled and insulated transformers to power the huge PCB cooled and insulated magnets used for the Calutrons. PCBs were also used in the high voltage power supplies capacitors for the 35 KV ion accelerators.

As Y-12 made all the bomb uranium, they did the machining of uranium metal. They used PCBs to cool the cutters and metal chips. Lots of the machinists that worked at Y-12 were contaminated with PCB, which causes health problems from damage to gall bladders to suppression of two critical enzymes called glutathion and superoxide dimutase. Suppression of these two critical enzymes leads to health problems like Parkinson's, ALS, Alzheimer's, and other illnesses. Losses from these operations make the Y-12 plant one of the largest PCB spills in the United States. Y-12 is also one of the largest mercury spills in the US from its lithium operations.

Y-12 also worked on the K-25 upgrade and machined aluminum parts covered with fluoride, which is an extremely bad poison akin to a pesticide. The AlF3 type poisons in the K-25 plant's equipment acted like a thyroid hormone and induced hyperthyoid type health effects in workers exposed to the poison by toughing it daily. Y-12's General Machine Shop in Building 9201-1 did lots of the K-25 upgrade work and exposed machinists to serious poisons that damaged their health.

Y-12 also burned lots of the PCBs in their own incinerator and they burned uranium chips coated with PCBs, which lead to huge releases of dioxin into the local regions air. Dioxin also suppresses these two critical enzymes. Congress realized the problems with Dioxin, PCBs, and other chemicals in the early 1980s and set up the Toxic Substance Control Act. This shut down PCB burning incinerators at Y-12 and K-25 and cut the dioxin releases, but lots of the damage was already done. Dioxin is long lived in the soils which people grow vegetables. Oak Ridge then designed a special incinerator called the TSCA Incinerator to continue to burn PCBs, but cut the formation of dioxin.

Y-12 not only polluted its work force with PCBs, mercury, and other toxic materials, they also polluted kids that played in Poplar Creek that was contaminated with Y-12s PCBs and the people that fished the creek and lake for fish contaminated with PCB and mercury. Y-12 contaminated an entire TVA with PCB and Mercury poisons and these huge areas can't be cleaned up.

Oak Ridge used the TSCA incinerator to burn huge amounts of PCBs removed from the Y-12 plants transformers and magnets, and the even more huge amounts of PCBs from all the K-25 operations and like plants in Paducah, Ky. and Portsmouth, Oh. The PCBs are mutable toxic materials that controlled flame combustion can destroy chemically. Oak Ridge also burned uranyl fluoride compounds (UO2F2) in the incinerator (4 million pounds per year), and the elemental toxic effects of fluoride are not mutable.

It is rather difficult to celebrate a large toxic Superfund site that affects the three plants and most of the city of Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge is a cess-pool for toxic wastes and releases that contaminated the entire region. Oak Ridge's plants were build in 18 months during the war, and from that rush it will take decades to clean up the insane rush for a nuclear weapon and cost hundreds of times of the cost of the Manhattan Project. The Secret City Tour of the Y-12 Beta Calutrons is a good place to begin to understand the huge PCB problems of Oak Ridge and connect how there are other of these enzyme poison toxics from Oak Ridge that all act collectively to cause huge health problems for this region.

The bomb effort started a huge problem with PCBs and other toxics that damage the levels of glutathione and superoxide dimutase enzymes in the body. Part of the fix was to burn the PCBs in the TSCA incinerator and still other solutions seek to use bacteria and other bugs injected into the ground under the Y-12 plant to digest the huge PCB pool trapped on a rock shelf under the plant. Oak Ridge has the University of Tennessee working on the bugs to eat the underground pool of PCB to avoid having to dig up the entire plant.

Perhaps it is time for Oak Ridge to discover how it would feel if someone dropped a bomb on them. In essence, Oak Ridge had a toxic bomb dropped on it, but the local plant managers covered up and lied about the toxic bomb's health effects. So, to counter the sinister PR of the Secret City Festival that avoids the full truth of Oak Ridge and its bomb works, it is time to reveal the chemical enzyme poisoning bomb that was dropped on Oak Ridge and tell how it worked.

Oak Ridge was born out of a wartime desire for a giant bomb to protect a political system, but more so a system of old money banking in Europe that Hitler was confronting. The original A-bomb was intended for use on Germany and Europe, but due to delays ended up being used on Japan as a demonstration of power and control. The end of WWII was delayed as Japan wanted to talk peace in July, but Truman and his financial backers wanted to test their super-bomb to show the world they would engage in mass killing. Persons like General Eisenhower and others did not want to use such a weapon, as Japan was essentially finished from saturation bombing at the time of the Trinity test.

Oak Ridge's alternate name of "Secret City" was about national security taking control of the area and essentially hiding not only the design of a giant bomb, but the huge health risks to the people that made the bomb. The two worst or most dangerous plants, X-10 and K-25 were placed way out of town and a 10-mile trip was needed to get to them from the city's living area. The danger of X-10 was radiation fallout and the danger of K-25 was hydrogen fluoride systemic chemical poisoning.

What the Secret City never told anyone is that the Manhattan Project resulted in the net health effects of someone dropping a bomb on them. The illegal DOE factions tried to predicate national security on the need to destroy health and planet. Kept from the public were factors like free radical generating radiation at X-10 affected critical enzymes within cells (RNase L class enzymes) that controlled viral infections. Likewise, chemical HF from K-25 altered enzymes that protected cells from toxic metals that induced free radical damage and shut down the enzymes that repaired the damage and this effect damaged the same cell enzymes as radiation's free radicals leading to viral infections.

In the mid 1980s, science improved to the point of providing the understanding for some of the more severe health effects from the plant's operations and the vision the science provided was one of catastrophe and huge liabilities for Oak Ridge's careless management. What came into view was a situation more like the story of Bhopal India and the chemical poisoning of a city there. Congress even took some actions in the early 1980s called the Toxic Substance Control Act, which addressed burning PCBs and making dioxin releases in Oak Ridge.

Oak Ridge is well known these days for highly damaging the health of workers from the toxins used in making the bomb. A Doctor Bill Reid even made national news for observing a huge rise in toxic metals effects damaging the health of not only the plant's workers, but most of the city's residents.

In the 1980s, Oak Ridge's managers well knew the mechanism for the health damage and it was so bad they decided to attempt to conceal the problems and dodge the liabilities for their careless operations. Oak Ridge and its political supporters have 20 years invested in a huge cover up of these health effects, and literally billions of dollars ride on the cover up. Old Scientists, Old Managers, and Old Politicians in Oak Ridge will do anything to lay down a PR trail that makes it look like Oak Ridge was a huge success. The Secret City Celebration is one of these PR jobs, as it is totally devoid of the truth on the Oak Ridge weapons plants poisoning the two critical enzymes needed in the human body.

The real story is that Oak Ridge looks like someone dropped a bomb on it in many ways, dead trees and sick people abound. Lots of people in the city have thyroid problems and this is carefully avoided from being formally discovered. The region also has higher rates of ALS, which is also avoided from being discovered. The airborne pollution was so strong that concentrated in pollen and it killed off honeybee populations in the East Tennessee region. The key to these health issues is two cellular enzymes, one that removes toxic metals and another that repair free radical damage. These two enzymes have much to do with the health of the brain, eyes, and organs in the body.

One Region of the Oak Ridge Community seems hit harder than any other because it is located nearest the Y-12 nuclear bomb factory. Here lots of kids seem to have asthma and some come down with brain cancer. The Oak Ridge community of Scarboro is a predominately Black community and was historically located closest to the nuclear weapons plant. The kids of Scarboro and their parents have been prevented from learning that there is a direct connection between the GSH and SOD enzymes and asthma rates, and likewise a direct connection with the toxic releases from the DOE plants and damage to these two enzymes. In plain terms, the causation has been intentionally mystified or covered up by DOE and the Oak Ridge political system.

Scarboro has a creek that flows past it with high levels of mercury and PCB in it released from Y-12 and both these contaminates are well known to suppress these two critical enzymes within cells. Just over the hillside from Scarboro the Y-12 plant burned Depleted Uranium (DU) scraps that were coated with PCB cutting oils, and the uranium dusts and dioxin from burning PCB wafted into the community for decades. Dioxin also suppresses these two enzymes in the long term and lengthens the retention time of toxic metals like Hg and DU.

Dioxin is the stuff that Agent Orange is made from and was a part of the defoliation chemical used in the Vietnam war. It left many Vietnam era Vets will permanent health problems, not to mention huge numbers of people living in Vietnam. Agent Orange left many with persistent rashes that look like reactions from metal allergies. Agent Orange kills off these two principle enzymes in plants that protect them from reactive oxygen damage and toxic metal damage. This same chemical drifted into the Scarboro community from Y-12.

Oak Ridge is also known for high rates of thyroid disorders and this same enzyme poisoning process of dioxin is common to a number of chemicals released from Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge has a number of chemicals that damage the production of two critical enzymes needed in plants and in humans. The enzyme names are "glutathione" and "super oxide dimutase," "GSH" and "SOD."

The little Scarboro community nearest to Y-12 was hit by a number of chemicals that damage these two enzymes. Mercury from the creek, PCB in the creek, dioxin from the burning of PCBs, and also the releases of huge amounts of a systemic poison called hydrogen fluoride became a quadruple effect on the community closest to the nuclear bomb factory of Oak Ridge. The DOE plants attempted to hide the historical dioxin contamination of the soils in Scarboro by buying dirt from K-mart to use in experiment vegetable planters to study air contamination of soils. This cover up to keep this from the people of Scarboro was done via Oak Ridge National Laboratory by Hugh Brashears, Martin Bauer, and Barbara Hoffheins.

ORNL persons like Barbara Hoffheins had no problems covering up the dioxin signature in the Scarboro community because she used to work for the Y-12 plant. The Hoffheins story at Y-12 involves the issue of increased NO effects from all the toxic metals, dioxin, and PCBs. Increasing NO or nitric-oxide is the main principle behind how the "Viagra" drug works and is the key to why the Oak Ridge plants had to change all their office and lab windows from frosted to clear glass. NO effects act like an aphrodisiac and drive up sexual interests, and in the heat of WWII there were too many workers having sex on the job at Y-12 and K-25 in place of working. Barbara Hoffheins did the same at Y-12 in building 9201-1, where she and her work mate would climb into the mezzanine area ceiling, where they had a private place to have sex in the middle of an old Alpha Calutron building of the nuclear weapons plant. All these old uranium separation buildings began with the atomic weight for uranium, 92.

Similar stories of the process emissions stimulating the issue of sex appear from persons like Bob Dyer, who invented the fluorine electrolysis process. Bob Dyer speaks of being around HF releases in the K-25 plant and how his wife hated when this happened as he always came home with extreme sexual needs to a while. Again this was one of the chemicals that affect the NO levels in the body leading to aphrodisiac like effects. Bob Dyer is one of the K-25 plant managers that allowed too much HF to escape from the plants operation. The DOE called Bob Dyer by the nickname of "Fuddy Duddy" because he is so out of the loop on the damages of HF releases and the extreme damage they do to GSH and SOD enzyme protection. K-25 has had women conducting on the job prostitution operations from these effects on these workers.

The Oak Ridge region's high thyroid problems stem from the chemical impacts on GSH levels, which results in high levels of retained toxic metals, like mercury, in the body. The high levels of toxic metals in the body cause high rates of reactive oxygen species damage to the cells of the body. High levels of retained mercury in the body damages the thyroid hormone production in the liver (T-3 to T-4 conversion) and the process often leads to problems similar to mercury induced "Hashimoto's Thyroiditis" or hypothyroidism. Lowered GSH also acts to lower SOD, which is the prime free radical damage repair enzyme in the body. Oak Ridge's health data looks like someone released thyroid damaging I-131 upon it from a nuclear bomb. The high toxic metals also affect the pituitary gland, which regulates the thyroid and can cause hyperthyroidism, as it fails to sense the thyroid hormone levels in the blood circulation. Mercury is associated with an amalgamation like effect with selenium, which is needed for GSH production and thyroid hormone.

Since Fluorine and Aluminum from the environment spontaneously form the AlFx compounds which mimic the pituitary TSH, then one would expect the thyroid hormones T-3 and T-4 to no longer be controlled by the pituitary dynamic regulation that allows the cells to power down and the body to rest at night and repair all the high energy problems from the mitochondria processes of cells. This loss of control by the pituitary leads to the depletion of GSH in every cell in the body and the rise of toxic metals retention problems. For people with CFS and GWI the problems of "night sweats" are directly connected to this TSH control problem due to toxic's from the environment. Doctors in Oak Ridge would run the simple TSH tests on thyroid and find this hormone to be low and think hypothyroidism, when the direct opposite of health problems for the thyroid problems was hyperthyroidism's high T-3 and T-4 levels causing the fatigue and exhaustion of GSH.

The key to the problem is that the AlFx compounds don't mimic the TSH well. The AlFx compounds don't follow the day and night variation of the pituitary TSH, and the AlFx compounds form nearly permanent bonds to TSH receptor sites on cells. These two effects severely upset the thyroid hormone regulation process and the production of GSH within the cells.

The composite chemical bomb that was dropped on Oak Ridge was one that destroyed the principle enzymes for cell removal of toxic metals and of free radical repair caused by these toxic metals. The chemical releases from the plants destroyed the proper thyroid hormone process for thousands of people around Oak Ridge. These enzymes are also the prime ones that detoxify the brain and eyes, and as these toxic metals rise in the brain there is a direct decline in IQ and even foggy mindedness as it worsens. This increased effect on the brain cell damage made the slow learning that has affected Appalachia for many decades much worse.

The largest driver for the damage to these two enzymes turned out to be the high amounts of hydrogen fluoride emitted from the K-25 plant and the TVA coal power plants that were used to supply the coal power to run this plant. In the mid 1980s the news was clear that Oak Ridge plant operations were causing all kinds of excess illnesses in the workers and local population, as this is when the glutathione toxic metals clearance mechanism was discovered.

Oak Ridge's management rather than truthfully report the problem designed a carefully crafted plan to attempt to cover it up and also to make the local doctors rich in supporting the cover up. Oak Ridge shut down the K-25 gas diffusion plant and this stopped part of the larger hydrogen fluoride releases in the area and it also cut some 3,000 megawatts of load from the TVA coal plants, which reduced hydrogen fluoride emissions more. This put the emissions from the plants into a sudden nose-dive to help conceal the rising health problem from the local townships.

Oak Ridge also needed to do more to change the damage rate to the enzymes GSH and SOD and that more was to put in a state of the art water purification plant for the city of Oak Ridge that avoided chlorine by using ozone to treat the water. This took away another damage factor that helped to slow the damage rate to the GSH and SOD levels in the affected population.

Oak Ridge also needed to hide this massive problem from the special investigations being done by varied groups and agencies and they did this via stacking the deck with the local science types that would cover up the damage factors. Persons like ORNL's Owen Hoffman, SENES, and Chemrisk, avoided putting hydrogen fluoride from the screening process into the deeper ORHASP investigations and this then keeping the biggest of Oak Ridge problems out of public sight. Hoffman also avoided doing studies on the high rates of thyroid problems in Oak Ridge due to the high levels of retained toxic metals, like mercury, that are known to upset thyroid function. Chemrisk screwed up the uranium assessments by not including the effects of chemical damage to GSH in making the build up of toxic metals like uranium a serious problem.

ORHASP linked persons like Owen Hoffman carefully omitted the process of cancer for I-131 studies of Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge well knows the radiation process of cancer stems from radiation induced free radical damage to cellular enzymes that control viruses within cells (ie metallo enzyme RNase L). When this enzyme is a damaged varied endogenous and even exogenous viruses can grow within cells. The radiation activates the endogenous viruses and mutates others until some become cancer promoting viruses that grow at rapid uncontrolled rates. Chemicals that damage the GSH and SOD enzyme also cause the free radical damage process to RNase L that results in loss of viral control. The radiation and chemical damage processes collectively add to the viral cancer equation. All these cancer mechanization processes were left from the reports on Oak Ridge related illnesses presented to the public.

Oak Ridge also pulled out its old scientists to deny the huge losses of HF from the K-25 plant and one of the principle ones is Al Brooks, who was also a manager from ORNL in later years after worker for K-25 and contributing to the problems. Brooks attends all public meetings and attempts to shout down anyone that brings up the hydrogen fluoride problems connected to the illness patterns seen in Oak Ridge. Brooks and his attack dog gang went into high gear when a report appeared discussing increased cancers and illnesses in Oak Ridge. He and his gang tried to label anyone that disclosed health problems in Oak Ridge as crackpots. They have become very organized in their denial of the serious health problems in Oak Ridge. The Y-12 plant also invested in some faked up activists to control the public interests by misleading them. Insiders at Y-12 called them a squad of "hippie terrorists" that attack people for exposing the problems for which the "shout down" methods don't appear to be working. This is the "criminal element" of Oak Ridge.

The corrupt organized influences of Oak Ridge saw the perfect opportunity to mislead the public as the damage to the enzymes GSH and SOD produced health damages that looked just like radiation damage from reactive oxygen species (ROS) damage. Oak Ridge and its allied groups that sought to mislead the public played up the radiation angle in the public to draw all the attention into that area, which was a dead end. The overriding health problems in Oak Ridge was due to rising levels of toxic metals in the human body from chemical damage to the GSH and SOD enzymes that lead to huge levels of ROS damage to tissues and organs. The main damage factor came from chemicals and was hidden by the corrupt factions of Oak Ridge playing up the radiation effects to hide the chemicals inducing enzyme damage leading to radiation like ROS damage to health.

Oak Ridge designed even more elaborate public cover ups to avoid disclosing the dioxin like damage over wide areas to Southern Pine trees. Southern Pine trees are highly sensitive to free radical damage and they use these same enzymes, GSH and SOD, to protect their cells. When hydrogen fluoride rains out onto the pine trees they experience the same toxic effects to enzymes that dioxin causes. Oak Ridge designed an elaborate excuse for all the trees having been enzyme poisoned to the extent that they because vulnerable to insect infestations as the reason for the deforestation of the region due to these poisonous chemical emissions.

Just like in Vietnam when dioxin killed GSH in foliage, so did similar effects from hydrogen fluoride kill the GSH enzyme leading to huge areas of dead pine trees in Oak Ridge and other Southern areas where acid air pollution was too high. Vietnam Veterans were highly affected from the release of Agent Orange in the war zone, and this dioxin effect damaged their glutathone levels leading to toxic metals retention and the many problems with unexplained rashes and a multitude of other medical problems that are presented as mysterious in nature.

Oak Ridge has the effects of a very large chemical bomb dropped on it over the decades that has robbed many of the regions inhabitants of their health by setting up enzyme levels similar to very old people. The fluoride toxic effect and the other pollution that damaged the GSH levels raised the levels of toxic metals in person's bodies leading to levels of free radical damage and DNA damage seen in much older people.

The real success of the Oak Ridge cover ups on health has lead to many persons with chronic fatigue syndrome health problems and all the maladies linked to immune dysfunction illnesses. The real success in Oak Ridge is the local hospital quadrupled in size, and the city mall dried up. The GOP oriented medical interests in Oak Ridge got rich from the excessive illnesses of the workers and residents.

Now Oak Ridge celebrates the killing of hundreds of thousands of people with their weapons of mass destruction, and secretly the plant managers celebrate having done the same sort of thing to the workers and their families without being caught in the process. The real story for Oak Ridge is not one for celebration, but one of national mourning.

Come to Oak Ridge and celebrate with a city whose people have been steeped in ignorance due to the damage to GSH leading to very high levels of toxic metals in their brains which keeps them from seeing the larger logic on just what has been allowed to happen to them.

Then look around yourself when you go back home, as the same system that did this to Oak Ridge is doing the same thing to America as a country, and the GOP and AMA interests are making a killing on profits. Then ask yourself, what is here to celebrate. Oak Ridge is about killing people slowly by "Arsenic and Old Lace methods," then selling them expensive G-protein related pharmacy to keep them alive.

The model for AMA and GOP profits that began in Oak Ridge in the 1980s is now the model for profits from all the US. The Oak Ridge cover up on GSH and SOD damage became the reason for the GWS cover up and the high rates of CFS in the UK from being explained. The root of fluoride effects on the immune system enzyme's metals offset is the key to AIDS. All of the cover ups aim for profits, not truth. The study of the science behind chronic health problems like CFS point directly at industry releases that cause the viral linked health problems. The CFS model is the same for cancers and for HIV infections, and again points to pollution killing people. So, the Oak Ridge method is to lie and tell that the illnesses are a mystery.

So, come celebrate the Manhattan Project's mind control by damage to the GSH and SOD enzymes, leading to ever worsening chronic health problems like those of a death camp. The K-25 plants TSCA incinerator even tried to up the cyanide levels in workers bodies to attempt to remove the metal oxides trapped in the lungs and bodies from working at the toxic plants.

One can tell that both Congress and the DOE plant operators well know about the dangers of dioxin, as they made to TSCA incinerator to cut emissions of dioxin from incinerators burning PCB from Y-12 and K-25. The major impact on health from dioxin is damage to the GSH and SOD enzymes leading to multiple immune system health problems and rapid aging effects. Oak Ridge also added in mercury and the systemic poison called hydrogen fluoride to make matters much worse for the workers and the region.

Come to Oak Ridge and help the corrupt plant managers, the doctors, and local politicians celebrate the largest cover up of the Manhattan Project---the cover up of hydrogen fluoride poisoning of a large region and how everyone became rich from their participation.

The Principle that Oak Ridge celebrates is promotion of deceit and treachery in Govt.

Oak Ridge and the US Govt's biggest cover up is linked to how the selenium based glutathione, and the manganese and copper-zinc based superoxide dimutase are affected by the hydrogen fluoride and fluorine ion effects. And how this very same process of rising fluoride levels in the bone mass affects the cellular availability of manganese, which is the prime element needed to stop reverse transcription of HIV inside cells. The Oak Ridge cover up on fluoride health effects even promotes the cover up of the predominate driver for the world AIDS pandemic. Oak Ridge has gone from being involved in the killing of hundreds of thousands of people in Japan to now being connected with the killing of millions and the depopulation of continents to support their corrupted system of national security in Oak Ridge.

Should anyone ever celebrate Oak Ridge?

What made this large cover up possible was the criminal element in the management of these plants in Oak Ridge, particularly at ORNL's I and C Division, and its high level Govt. connections. The criminal elements at ORNL covered up slow cooker nuclear criticality problems in the ORNL MSRE reactor, the ORNL gunnite tanks, and the Y-12 Chestnut Ridge security pit slit trench burial grounds. ORNL's corrupt management keep a number of very bad problems off the books to keep Congress from shutting down ORNL due to the risks to workers from the decades of careless management of Oak Ridge. The very same criminal elements that covered up these problems are the ones that covered up the huge problems and poisoning the two most critical enzymes in the human body, which people cannot live without the proper levels.

Should anyone ever want to celebrate crimes against humanity designed by Oak Ridge?

Oak Ridge is getting many new buildings at Y-12 these days to celebrate their successful cover up of the massive health problems connected to PCBs, dioxin, mercury, and fluorides damaging human health. If Oak Ridge had to pay for its damage to workers and regional health, there would be no costly new buildings to make more bombs. It is the root of the GOP and AMA profit system that lets industry pollute and costs the citizens excessively for health care in place of health conservation by not poisoning them. Oak Ridge's corruption is being richly rewarded by Washington and the GOP for covering up this cash cow that makes big medicine rich and kills off the citizens much faster in the name of jobs.

Come to Oak Ridge and celebrate the industrial disease insanity which they attempt to spread around to the entire country. It's all about jobs at the expense of health.

Come see the realities of Oak Ridge now that the Secret City's secrets are out in the open and if you can really get into it, celebrate the secrets that Oak Ridge kept that pull down the citizens of the entire country.

The biggest secret in Oak Ridge is how an ORNL Development Staff person realized in the mid-1980s how the Nobel Prize winning G-protein discoveries of Rodbell and Gilman shut down cellular GSH and SOD when HF released from the processes combined with aluminum to make a G-protein like AlFx compound. The discovery shut down the leaky K-25 gaseous diffusion process for all time. The discovery became one of how this process dominates the causation of 80% of all illnesses on planet Earth. The discovery was so damaging to the Oak Ridge operations that the management of Oak Ridge forced the person into becoming a Whistleblower who now reveals the crime of the millenium set into motion by Criminal Elements in Oak Ridge.

Oak Ridge has a problem in celebrating telling the truth about their impact on human health. The bottom line is health in Oak Ridge was found to dominated by collective and cumulative toxic damage to three enzyme processes, the Se-GSH, Mn-SOD, and Mn dependent RNase L. Failures of the doctors of Oak Ridge and the plants management to tell people of this simple cause and effect set up factors for malpractice and racketeering.

I prefer to celebrate telling the full truth on the problems of Oak Ridge and not the PR tactics that seek to conceal and deceive many leading to great harm to many US Citizens and peoples of the world. This same toxic process is the key to Gulf War Illness and Oak Ridge is directly behind the harm to the US Armed Forces.

The Oak Ridge discovery of the "total oxidative stress model" for cell's internal viral protection gets to the core of these health problems.

In the 1980s at ORNL, Jim Phelps figured out that oxidative stress to cells was the biggest causative factor for the cells to support cancer viruses. The oxidative stress on cells was a function of things like normal radiation, chemicals, and toxic metals. What always dominated the cell oxidative stress was malfunction of cell mitochondria ATP production processes due to toxic metals. This is particularly so for people of old age, which leaves little reserve for low dose from external radiation to induce cancer viruses.

In the pre-industrial age, what dominated this effect was AlFx compounds upsetting the thyroid hormone process with age. In the industrial age this thyroid hormone pathway leading to diminished GSH and SOD is compounded by effects from mercury, DDT, PCB, etc.---most all the hormone things that Theo Colborn and Rachel Carson were so very insightful of in the 1980s. The crux of that problem was their impact on GSH and SOD--these are the oxidative stress enzymes---which dominate the cell oxidative stress equation leading to the loss of Mn for enzyme protection from cell viruses.

What happens in the cancer virus equation is that when the cells oxidative stress becomes very high the cell mitochondria start making more and more Mn-SOD, and it depletes the reserves of Mn in the cells needed for other critical enzymes that police cancer viruses within the cells. Just like Mn is needed to keep HIV from proliferating in cells, so it is needed to keep down all viral growth effects and it is involved with the 2-5A RNase L enzyme that is center to the viral problems of CFS. Mn is also used for interferon in the cancer virus equation.

It is the oxidative stress induced from all factors on a cell that determines the need for Mn-SOD. At very high levels of toxic stress the mitochondria process of Mn-SOD production robs this metal from other critical enzymes that control viruses that employ Mn in the cell.

Other common examples of the Mn-SOD issues appear in the case of BSE or mad cow, where high levels of Mn-SOD are involved in the plaques and tangles that are visible in that effect. What happens is grazing animals get more and more toxic metals, some of it due to acid rain effects raising the Al levels in the grass. What happens is the cows brain cells become overloaded with toxic stress problems and the cells attempt to compensate with Mn-SOD made by the mitochondria. When the repair process can't keep up one sees the nervous system failings and tremors as per Minimata Disease (Japan--Mercury based) in humans and leading into seizures.

In the animal studies when things like DMSO are applied to put some sulfur atoms that mimic the GSH sulfur process to remove toxic metals from the brain---all these Mn-SOD problems suddenly reduce-----and the plaques disappear.

So lots of the cancer risk issue link directly to hormone related chemicals like DDT, Dioxin, AlFx compounds, and mercury that upset the thyroid and liver hormones leading to reduction of cellular GSH-----which in turn---set up the rise of toxic metals leading to mitochondria dominated oxidative stress in cells.

This is the cellular system model that is the current best practice method to solve for cancer and viral cell damage risk. This same system model also solves the reasons for not only cancer risk, but solves the GWS problems, solves the CFS problems, and is the best one to apply for BSE, Parkinson's, ALS, and even HIV.

This is the gold standard model for health risk from cellular viral infection health problems in Oak Ridge, and one that everyone needs to investigate and apply toward better studies for cancer from radiation dose or toxic metals and chemicals.

The Oak Ridge cover up of this model to promote mystery illnesses is the foundation for the Criminal Elements of Oak Ridge and the US National Security system. The liability damage to industry and government was so extensive that the government decided to essentially take the People of the US hostage to what is called the Mil. / Ind. Network. The US Govt. is no longer controlled by the People and for the People in order to protect industry from this huge mistake that affects almost every person in the US. The People have no protection from this wholesale theft of their rights to know and their rights to protect themselves from the criminal operation that takes them hostage.

One can see the ultimate of the cover ups in Oak Ridge when ORNL's Environmental Science Division's Bob Van Hook became the manager for Y-12. Van Hook's Division did the research papers on items like "The State of the Oceans Report" and the "Environmental Assessment of CFC Releases for Decommissioning the K-25 plant." The State of the Oceans Report by ORNL's ESD Dr. Joyce A. Dickerman was all about energy systems impacts on oceans and the K-25 CFC report was about how DOE's releases of Freon dominated the ozone hole damage leading to ozone depletion / global warming.

Persons like Bob Van Hook came to head the highly corrupted Y-12 by knowing how these two factors caused huge problems for the entire planet in the form of ozone depletion, damage to ocean surface phytoplankton, and this leading to problems with DMS releases, ocean surface cloud shielding, and global warming. It is these type corrupted management persons of Y-12 that lead the world in being a menace to society. These ORNL ESD Reports were done to forewarn the DOE and determine what needed to be hidden from the environmentalists. The DOE's many mistakes are so extreme that the DOE considers environmentalists a threat to their existence, and likewise these corrupt DOE plants are a threat to man's very existence and health on planet Earth. The latter takes priority, since the Constitution is about the People, not the corrupted DOE's managers cover-ups.

Thus, the theme for Oak Ridge National Security is one of "Deceit and Treachery" against the citizens of the US and the world and causing serious harm to the world.