Opinion: A DOE Watch Exclusive Report

The “BLUE BOOK” of the JFK Assassination

JFK was killed for stopping the New World Order designs of Europe’s Royals

The JFK Assassination was both a Domestic and a Foreign Murder Conspiracy

JFK: The Perfect Murder Solved on


JFK: The Perfect Murder Solved on 11-22-63

The “BLUE BOOK” of the JFK Assassination

By:  Jim Phelps,   Copyright 2011

The JFK Ultimate Edition tells of the Sedition

Regaining America’s Freedom:  The 50th anniversary thrust to Fully solve the JFK Conspiracy

The Warren Commission Report is recognized by perhaps 75 percent of Americans as being fraudulent and designed to cover up the JFK assassination by those involved.  Jackie Kennedy has told the top suspect in the JFK murder was the big Texas oil people, so she and Robert were not totally in the dark as to the ring leaders of the plot.   However, the Kennedys never seemed to acknowledge the Foreign Interests involved in the JFK hits funding involving exploitation oriented Britain.   Many people have seen a myriad of theories for those that killed JFK used to confuse the issues and the American Public, but none have been shown the exact sequence and the critical motives of those that designed the JFK assassination and the International Money Bankrollers that helped to pay the killers and set up the Conspiracy Publishing Industry to hide the truth from America.  Today, as you read this, you get to see what I learned on Nov. 22, 1963 from those partly involved in the plot to kill JFK.   I think everyone will notice this information fills in the gaps, ends the confusion, and shows the essential steps that took place to form the JFK execution in Dallas, Texas.  If the real truth be told to the American People for who shot JFK, it would not be a story of one against Russia or Cuba, but one against Canada and Britain and their exploitation of America to the extent of killing JFK to gain their way.  The real story would turn Lee Oswald into a hero trying to save JFK’s life from the corrupt organization he discovered.  If Americans were told the full truth on JFK, they would have collectively called for “Plan Red” to be enacted and war be declared upon Britain and the breaking up the capitalist’s oligarchy per HL Hunt, The UK’s Royals, and the Bilderberg and PERMINDEX methods of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

The JFK Murder was solved, for many, on the very day it occurred, and many in Government knew very well what happened and "Who Did It". Some in Government, like Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover, even knew before hand that JFK would be murdered in Dallas. Even "Lee Oswald" knew, as he found out in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, as he left a "Dead Drop" type message to the FBI via the "Oak Ridge Atomic Museum's" Registry page. In the Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Industrial Security Command connected nuclear weapons world of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the JFK assassination was solved the day it happened. Likewise, Georgian Joseph Milteer also knew well before that the JFK Perfect Murder plot involved getting a "Big Jew". Joseph Milteer's "Big Jew" was likely a composite of persons rather than any particular Jewish individual person that stemmed from the "Birchers" setting up a number of Jewish persons for the JFK assassination. Lyndon Johnson, riding in the motorcade with Senator Don Yarboro, was on the floorboard of his limo in Dallas before JFK was shot.   The assassination was a problem that would ferment from the break up of the OSS, the German conglomerate IG Farben success on the "state within a state" corporation extended into "World Corporation" concepts by Prince Bernhard, and the effects of WWII extending beyond the war's close in the Domestic and International Intelligence Networks.  From these Foreign Intelligence ranks would come a British Israeli Intelligence agent that executed the JFK kill plan that was authored by a Millionaire Dallas Oil Man.

The OSS was run largely by Kermit Roosevelt, the son of President Franklin Roosevelt, and Wild Bill Donovan, and in these times there was some order and allegiance, but as this broke apart this order changed. The Internationally huge OSS was deemed to big to control after WWII by J. Edgar Hoover and the International System disbanded in favor of starting a more domestic Central Intelligence Agency, or "CIA".  The OSS’s Wild Bill Donovan was good friends with New Orleans INCA group leader named Alton Oschner, who was upset over the take over of Cuba by Fidel Castro.  The CIA pulled in a number of former NAZI elements from the "Gehlen Organization" and others.  The Gehlen Organization spied on the Russians for Hitler and then for the US CIA.  The Gehlen Organization knew issues of how Stalin died of a stroke in 1953 a few months after he exposed “The Doctor’s Plot,” that he declared were Jewish doctors and they were poisoning leading party members.  Stalin’s “Doctor’s Plot” was exposed and his goal was to remove Jewish people from Russia with purges, as he said they were spies and allied with capitalists.  Stalin, in 1953, believed that Russia had the same problem that Hitler’s Germany had and wanted the Jewish out of Russia.  Stalin, in 1939, had aligned with Hitler on the issue of removing Jewish people from the Russian Government and sought good relations with Hitler.  It was this Stalin alignment with Hitler on kicking the Jewish out of Government that caused the rich Jewish bankers of Europe to align with Royalist Britain to have Hitler’s Germany make war against Stalin’s Russia and Britain.  When the Royalist Bankers of Europe had Winston Churchill on their side to escalate the issues into WWII, it would kill 70 million people.  Stalin was bad, but this monstrous British Churchill allied with the Jewish Bankers was worse.  JFK saw this realignment issues take place as he lived in Britain and toured Europe in these times.  These old OSS knowledge issues became the Doctor’s Plot of Cuba that was put together by Alton Oscher to kill Castro with Cancer.

The plot to kill Castro is also tied to the methods of Boris Pash, who worked the Manhattan Project security and came to work Operation ALSOS to get fissile materials and scientists out of Europe toward the end of WWII.  Pash came to work close with Sidney Gottlieb and designed killing methods for double agents using poisons and viruses to effect the killings.  Pash also had close associations with many White Russians in the US.  Pash also picked up on the methods of using LSD from its discovery in Basil, Switzerland in 1943, as a method to have persons become suicidal.  Oak Ridge and the nuclear network are also highly associated with the CIA for various measures on counter proliferation.  Boris Pash also had many CIA associations and was highly connected in the nuclear communities of Los Alamos and Oak Ridge.  Pash established a CIA linked killing unit called BP-7. that became the inspiration for the James Bond books of Ian Flemming.  Both Lee Oswald and JFK appeared to fans of Ian Flemming’s books and were talking about Boris Pash and William Harvey as agents 001 and 007.  In the early times, many national security linked radicals were killed by the PB-7 methods, as these methods were shut down they were shifted into methods of chemical harassments to discourage nuclear activism and leakers.  Methods like the “No Pest Strip” using LSD and wax on clothing to harrass leakers and Freon burned in combustion engines formed anesthetic like gases that put people to sleep by running in cars ahead of marks were all part of their tactics.  This technique was used against Karen Silkwood for Kerr-McGee nuclear works, and Kerr was a big 8F connection.  Boris Pash was a legend in the CIA and Oak Ridge and the methods of using poisons and biological agents were also a model for the hit on Castro, which Alton Oschner was leading in New Orleans.

It is important to take note that the CIA formed from the downsizing of the British dominated OSS, and mainly due to the death of Franklin Rosevelt and the take over of Government by Harry Truman.  This extreme right shift was as great or greater than the shift the US encoutered due to Lyndon Johnson taking over from the John Kennedy presidency due to assassination.  When Roosevelt was alive the OSS was controlled by his son Kermit Roosevelt and Bill Donovan and they would always take the side of the Americans and be true patriotic Americans.  Roosevelt catered to keeping the Russians as allies in WWII.  Roosevelt kept Truman well isolated from serious issues like the Manhattan Project and various matters of state.   When Roosevelt died the British elements and the Zionists saw a time to recruit Truman into their ranks.  This kicked off the dichotomy in the CIA between American Patriots like Donovan, Colby, Casey as the FDR crew versus James Angleton, Helms, Dulles who were all British aligned agents and part of the Truman "White Shoe" Wall Street crowd.  Truman filled the CIA with Wall Street and British Spooks, with the help of J. Edgar Hoover.  When Truman took control this turned the tide to one against the Russians and ramped up the issues of the Red Scare politics.  This came from the same Royalist influences that hated the Russians for Communism and set the stage for McCarthy and the John Birch Society by Rockefeller, and outside the US as the Bilderberg and PERMINDEX.   It also set the stage for Truman supporting the division of Palestine to make Israel.  FDR oriented persons, like James Forrestal, highly resisted this move by Truman telling that it would result in endless wars, but Truman was playing the British game and selling out American’s freedoms.  Truman set off an extreme Right Wing shift in America that was more about British and Zionist Foreign Interests than America’s.  This Roosevelt to Truman right wing shift was what set the stage for the killing of JFK to make a similar right wing shift from JFK to Lyndon Johnson was the final installment.  The CIA acted along the very same lines as British Colonization methods used to exploit people around the world.

The CIA came on the heels of a major screw up at White Sands Nuclear and Missile Testing Range in New Mexico, where a test aircraft vehicle crashed with human experimental type people aboard. It could expose a major scandal for Nuremberg type war crimes in the US connected to NAZI scientist that were pulled from Germany by OSS's Allen Dulles. Via Allen Dulles, The US imported a huge number of rocket scientists from Hitler's command and put them at Ft. Bliss, Texas. Texas already had a large German population in the West Texas High Country from earlier German migrations out of Europe. Dallas, Texas would become the home of "Walter Dohrnberger", the NAZI commander of "Von Braun", and he would hire Naval Intelligence associated Mike Paine for Bell Aerospace Systems in Dallas, Texas. Mike Paine's wife is Ruth Paine and highly connected with the White Russian Community around the US, and she becomes the caretaker of Marina Oswald and the person that placed Lee Oswald in the Texas School Book Depository Building. White Russian oil services man George de Mohrenschildt learns of the JBS's HL Hunt plans to set up his friend Lee Oswald and becomes so fearful of being involved that he bails out of the Dallas White Russian Community for Haiti.

Some additional concepts to understand are that Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands worked for IG Farben and then went on to set up essentially the Board of the World Corporation, via the Bilderberg Group. Prince Bernhard also set up essentially the IG Farben version of their Intelligence Network called NW-7 via having Ferenc Nagy and other old OSS types working in Europe to make a similar system for his World Corporation with it being called The Permanent Industrial Exposition, aka "PERM-IND-EX." The PERMINDEX element of the Prince Bernhard global corporation concepts thought that Rome would become their center of influence, but that was dashed when Europe's investigations discovered a bunch of assassins in Rome. The Catholic influence of Rome drove the PERMINDEX element out of Rome and took their land holding asset.

PERMINDEX would involve names like Clay Shaw of New Orleans, George Mantello (aka Mandel) of Rome, Ferenc Nagy in Rome, Tibor Rosenbaum of Rome, John DeMenil in Houston, and Louis Bloomfield of Montreal, Canada with connections to old OSS people, the Bronfman Mafia of Canada, UK Intelligence, and the Controller for PERMINDEX at the time JFK was killed, Major Bloomfield. The CIA would send William King Harvey to Rome in breaking up the anti-Castro efforts he ran in the states. William King Harvey was referred to as the James Bond of the CIA, by some authors, is associated with Edward Lansdale on the anti-Castro project.   Harvey was nicknamed James Bond became he was a British leaning CIA agent.  So was the former OSS James Angleton who was trained by British MI-5 by Kim Philby and Dick White.  James Angleton and British agent Kim Philby were best friends, and this was part of the dangerous split in the CIA that caused serious problems.   Nagy was living in Dallas, Texas at the time of the JFK assassination and George Mantello would move to New Orleans after the JFK assassination running from problems in Europe.  E. Howard Hunt would come to finger the CIA’s William Harvey as the principle plotter to kill JFK, but that was more about E. Howard Hunt using the Dallas plan to blame the CIA for what HL Hunt in Dallas had planned to hide their involvement.  E. Howard Hunt was playing games against America to the bitter end.

Earlier systems existed in the US as systems set up by the Rockefeller Group, which had its own CIA like Intelligence group called the "CIAA". The Rockefeller's system taught the IG Farben Group in Germany their system, and after the war this concept would be implemented by Prince Bernhard into Europe's system for World Corporation concepts. Prince Bernhard started a Rich Royalist's Club in Europe in 1954 that met at the "Bilderburg Hotel" and the US based Suite "8F" group was similarly named for the Lamar Hotel Site they had meetings in Houston, Texas. The Texas small version of the Bilderberg started in the 1930s and was called the 8F group, and various members of the group would grow into highly anti-communist agents to push for extreme right capitalism and oppose anything with the slightest hint of balanced socialistic goals.  RFK was after this 8F group for corrupting politics since the 1930s, and the Bobby Baker investigations were part of the Kennedy plan.  The 8F group had very notable members like Bobby Baker, Billy Sol Estes, Robert Kerr, Clint Merchinson, HL Hunt, George Smathers, Lawrence Bell, Richard Russell, George Brown, Herman Brown, Lyndon Johnson, John Connally, Fred Korth, and a host of other extreme right political players that helped to fix various Government contracts like Naval Fuel supply contracts and jet fighters.  The 8F group was determined to act like the OPEC group on oil supplies to the US Military.  Sam Rayburn was also supported by the 8F group and the names of Rayburn and Russell are well known names for House and Senate Office Buildings in Washingon, DC., that stem from this Texas Power Brokers Group.

Few people realize that the 8F Group was highly behind the shift of Castro into Communism due to their OPEC like efforts to dominate the oil business in Cuba.  In 1960, Castro had imported a million barrels of Russian oil to Cuba that he asked the British and America oil refineries to process.  But this was refused due to US Secretary of the Treasury Robert Anderson who was loyal to the big Texas Oil 8F interests.  Group 8F supported Robert Anderson caused the refusals of Esso, Shell, and Texaco refineries in Cuba to process the Castro Russian oil that would upset the Big Oil derived interests in Texas.  The 8F Group and LBJ worked hard to make sure they had one of their men in the Department of Navy and Secretary of the Treasury.  This also gave them considerable control over the Secret Service as it controlled the presidential protection in Dallas.  So, the Houston Group 8F gang’s interests causes the shift of Castro into nationalizing the Cuban oil refineries so he can enter the Russian leverage in the region’s oil business.   Then, the cascade effects of the US putting in their measures to boycott Cuba, then Castro counters with measures to nationalize all of Cuba from US corperate controls.  Gradually this shifts Castro from minor Socialist measures into full blown Communism and alliances with Russia in the US’s back yard. That one event triggered the Cuban Missle Crisis as matters escallated.

The real history of the events show that Castro and JFK came to have the same enemies, as Castro was battling with the Southern Group 8F’s control of  the Southern oil, Carribean, and South America.  JFK came to be battling against the corruption of LBJ and his alliances with the Group 8F and in doing so he would be going after Bobby Baker and LBJ.  It was Phil Graham and Joseph Alsop that pushed JFK to accept LBJ on the VP ticket with JFK, and they were both highly associated Group 8F players.  As things became more and more corrupt with LBJ putting 8F allied persons in high places, like John Connally as Secretary of the Navy to set good fuel contracts for big Texas oil, and then sliding in Texan Fred Korth as Connally became Governor of Texas.  This was the peak of the Group 8F control over the US Government with LBJ’s insider help.  JFK had caught Korth and LBJ rigging the TFX General Dynamics’ contract for the F-111 and also JFK had Bobby Baker and LBJ cornered, and JFK called LBJ at his Texas Ranch in October of 1963 to blast LBJ for the 8F gang’s corruption.  They were Black Mailing JFK for his girlfriends connected to the Mafia and Communism.  In the end, it came down to the same Texas 8F group that started the Cuban Missile Crisis and wanted to drag the US into a Nuclear War were the same ones that alligned to kill JFK.

On June 5, 1963 a meeting with a number of the 8F group at the Cortez Hotel in El Paso, Texas, that involved Governor Connally, JFK, LBJ, Fred Korth, and Cliff Carter set out the plan for JFK to return to Texas on November 21, 1963, so that was the date the 8F group well knew JFK would be coming to Texas.  Word of this date spread fast around the 8F network as on July 26, 1963 Lee Oswald is in Oak Ridge leaving a telling message about Dallas, Texas on the USAEC’s Atomic Museum’s Register Log.  Out of the 8F Group in Houston, Texas would come the richest man in America due to his Oil Well riches and set up his own Intelligence Network and learned enough about the CIA and the Prince Bernhard operations to be able to manipulate issues like the JFK murder into a near perfect murder, as they so compromised the Intelligence and National Security system as to get away with murder. HL Hunt, in Dallas, was the richest man in the US in this time and was Pro-NAZI oriented and was close with General Edwin Walker, who hated JFK.  In 1953, Lyndon Johnson and Philip Graham had connected up the Texas 8F group with the Georgetown Crowd with CIA types Frank Wisner, Richard Bissell, Clark Clifford, Joseph Alsop, Allen Dulles, James Angleton, Cord Meyer, and others concerned of Communism that set up a push that became elements of the CIA.

It is easy to see that so soon after the JFK visit to Ft. Worth and Dallas was pinned down in June 5, 1963 that Oak Ridge knew by July 26, 1963 that the day in Dallas would be November 22, 1963.  Oak Rdige has a Dallas insider named Ray Tucker that worked for the Oak Ridge Y-12 nuclear weapons factory and this group wanted to escallate nuclear war and nuclear bomb building.  Ray Tucker of the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant is credited with the first of the moves to go after JFK and kill him for killing the atmospheric nuclear testing, helping the Communist Civil Rights movement, and seeking peace with the Soviets and Cuba.  In Oak Ridge, the Dallas City of Hate would be made pale in comparision to the hate expressed against JFK in Oak Ridge.  Ray Tucker grew up with Jack Ruby in Chicago and both ended up in Dallas for a time, and Tucker was still very connected to the Texas 8F group and Jack Ruby.  Oak Ridge engineered the first of the efforts to kill JFK and they were also helping to assisst the effort in New Orleans to kill Castro using Cancer.  It is also easy to see that JFK had the 8F groups number as JFK pushed to have Governor Connally ride with him in the Dallas limosine, JFK thinking this long term 8F player would guarantee his safety in Dallas.  But, the killing went off anyway and JFK was killed and Governor Connally was seriously wounded.

There was more and bigger players that came into view from the New Orleans and Dallas connections.  The Bilderbergs are examples of extreme right capitalism, where extreme wealth leads to oligarchic control over Governments and essentially the Fascism that existed in Italy during WWII. The PERMINDEX group would come to set up in Rome, Italy and use the concept of "Trade Marts" and "World Trade Marts" to sell the concepts of Prince Bernhard's German IG Farben type corporation into a World Corporation scale that could Lord over Nations and States.  The Bilderbergs were a world design for an 8F type group of the wealthy also designed to take on Communism as a method to achieve world fascist control.  PERMINDEX had connections in both New Orleans and Dallas via Clay Shaw and Ferenc Nagy.  They had a big PERMINDEX connection in Houston via Schlumberger’s Oil Well Services Company that was headed by John DeMenil, who was a PERMINDEX Board Member.

John DeMenil was connected with George de Mohrenshilt, who was the White Russian Best Friend of Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas.  Lee Oswald was sent to Minsk in Russia and learned the areas Russian accent nearly perfectly, which impressed George de Mohrenshildt.  George de Mohrenshildt was a spy against the Russians and part of the NAZI Gehlen Organization.  This would also associate him with Boris Pash, who was high in the Manhattan Project and used various covert methods to kill double agents in the spy business.  What few people associated is how much the US was infiltrated by the Royalist’s Intelligence Network after WWII, and the US being used as a tool against the Communists.   Most also fail to connected that Schlumberger was involved in the ouster of tyrant dictator Batista of Cuba and this went against the objectives of the CIA.  Even before Castro, Europe’s Royal’s principle Intelligence group called PERMINDEX was affecting political changes in Cuba.  The ouster of Batista ushered in Castro, who was very popular in the US for ousting the tyrant dictator initially.  Russia tossed in a Monkey Wrench into Cuba when they offered Castro a Million Barrels of oil to refine in Cuba.

The 8F connected Oil Refineries in Cuba (Esso, Texaco, Shell) turned down this Castro interest because the 8F installed Sec. Of the Teasury in the US (C. Douglas Dillion) was dead set against allowing that to happen.   Castro had been OK with US Corporations until this 8F gang started messing with Cuba over oil issues.    Castro got mad and nationalized the Cuban Oil Refineries and he got his million barrels of oil processed.   This so enraged the 8F gang that they pushed to sanctions on Castro’s Cuba, so Castro kicked out the rest of the US Corporations by Nationalizing them also.   The final group to get tossed out of Cuba was the Hotel and Casino operators.  Everyone in Houston’s big oil club knew PERMINDEX started the ball rolling and it went the wrong way, so they set off to get rid of Castro by various means.  

The European Old Money Royals got their buddy Rockefeller to pull a fast one by setting up the John Birch Society to make it appear that totally Domestic Interests in the US were pushing the anti-Communist theme that the Bilderberg types want to persue.  This pushed David Eisenhower to get Richard Nixon to set up Operation Mongoose to get Castro out of Cuba using the CIA tactics that were set up in South Florida.  The CIA crooks tried to bait JFK into declairing war on Castro, but JFK didn’t take their bait and resisted.  This was the Bay of Pigs disaster that caused JFK much embarrassment due to the mud slinging coming from the John Birch types, the 8F gang, and the CIA types that didn’t mind setting up a Catholic President.  Castro got totally linked up with Russia for protection from the US CIA and the Cuban Missle Crisis came into view as matters escillated.  JFK used back channel methods to get around the CIA and he and Khrushchev began to untie the knots.  JFK was going to use Space Explorations to ferment peace with Russia and Khruschev and JFK were walking the same walk of mutial cooperation.  The Texas 8F gang and their Royalist pals in Europe consider JFK a Communist for moving toward Peace with Russia and Cuba.   They, then used the European Intelligence Network to kill JFK in Dallas, similar to why they were trying to kill General DeGaulle in France.  De Menil’s Schlumberger had main offices in Paris, so it was easy to move money and weapons into Paris.

One can see the Schlumberger fingerprints happening in New Orleans with the alleged theft of explosives and weapons out of a Schlumberger bunker storage area that ended up being stashed in Guy Banister’s upstairs building area.  Persons like Ferenc Nagy were seen in Banister’s office, and Lee Oswald was seen there.   Lee Oswald used an address that associated with Guy Banister’s building for the Fair Play for Cuba leaflets.   Even Guy Banister is connected to sending money to France for the DeGaulle hits.  So the pathway is pretty big and wide showing the PERMINDEX Foreign Intelligence Invasion into US Foreign Policy matters.  The Schlumberger involvements in Cuba actually started the whole mess of Cuba Political tampering.

Schlumberger is a Netherlands based company and we see LHO launched into Russia via the Netherlands.  LHO returned from Russia via the Netherlands, where he was debriefed on his experiences in Russia.  It is easy to spot the Prince Bernhard’s hand in helping from the Netherlands, where Schlumberger also had main offices and DeMenil had connections.  We also see a shift in the drug operations of Liverpool into the Netherlands at Amsterdam.   The Netherlands Antilles in the Carribean is also the largest drug operation there, and where Schlumberger oil is registered as a Corportation.   So, one can find the drug to money operations that once linked to Liverpool, then moved into Netherland operations in Europe and the Carribean.  Schlumberger also has South Africa operations, so it was easy to move Rome’s PERMINDEX records down to South Africa.  Schlumberger also has operations in Bakersfield, California that are associated with helping to hide PERMINDEX records and witness from Jim Garrison via the help of California Governor Ronald Reagan and California Senator Rousselot.

In 1958 a group would form from the designs of Nelson Rockefeller by funding a person named Robert Welch, who started up a group called the “John Birch Society”.  Robert Welch ran a candy business that sold “Sugar Babies" and "Sugar Daddy" candy. John Birch, who was from North-West Georgia, was a person killed by the Communist Chinese and he was used as a martyr theme person to collect support against Communist issues in the US by Robert Welch. This coupled with the Senator Joseph McCarthy Communist movement that also employed the young Robert Kennedy, or "RFK". The John Birch Society folks came to be called "Birchers," in short-hand terms. The Birchers would strongly ally with the Mormons or Latter Day Saints and their theme of preserving the Constitution, and because of this early alliance they were called the “Belmont Brotherhood”.  The Latter Day Saints have a group called "The Danists" that are associated with killing people opposing their policy or Constitutional Values.

The Birchers in Dallas, Tx. were the most vocal and militant toward killing JFK, as they considered him to be far too Socialistic. Before JFK they attacked President Eisenhower for being too Communist Leaning, or even allowing "creeping socialism", and those attacks appear to have formed his Vice President's Plan for the CIA to kill or remove Castro. The CIA Plan was termed "Operation Moongoose" and involved a lot of persons connected to "Operation 40." When JFK failed to follow their plan to invade Cuba, which was against International Law, the "anti-JFK" and "JFK is a Communist" calls increased and even involved the White House Joint Chiefs of Staff, or "JCS". These persons sought to take over the US Foreign Policy and dictate their wants to the Office of the President. Due to this, President Eisenhower had deemed this allied group as the "Military / Industrial Network."  Eisenhower warned JFK about this group as he entered the White House.  JFK had their number and he knew who they were and he was systematically dismantling their power and keys to wealth and domination over the US Government. There was going to be a New "Boston Tea Party" from a Catholic Boston Born Kennedy, who also knew the secret of the Royals was to have descendency from "King David" so the rich Jewish of Europe would assemble behind and follow their Jewish derived "Royalist" leadership.

The Military / Industrial Network even came up with "Operation Northwoods" to make it appear the US was attacked in some fashion to get around the International Law objections of JFK. Operation Northwoods was fashioned by JCS and presented to JFK by JCS’s Lyman Lemnitzer, which was turned down and and JFK had Lemnitzer moved to England for NATO. Likewise, JCS's Curtis LeMay often conflicted with JFK and LeMay wanted an all out nuclear war with Russia. He is often referred to as the "Dr. Strangelove" of Movie character Fame. The "Strategic Air Command's" Curtis LeMay would show up running as VP with "George Wallace" and LeMay's ultra militant stance sank the Wallace and LeMay run like a rock, and vindicated JFK's stance against hard line war oriented White House policy.

Almost everything happening in the US in the 1950s was suspected of being Communist Instigated, or creeping socialism, and it became a huge political theme. Even the US Civil Rights movement that involved Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King was branded as a Communist Plot being run by the "Highlander Folk School" at Monteagle, in South-Eastern Tennessee. This added to JFK's burdens, as J. Edgar Hoover also declared all the Civil Rights issues were Communist and this fed the anti-JFK sentiments in Dallas, Texas and all around the South. JFK would become a friend and a supporter for Martin Luther King, as he agreed the Southern Blacks were being mistreated and highly discriminated against and often murdered. JFK's Civil Rights Face offs in the South with Southern Governors had JFK send in the National Guard to remove the opposition for school Integration. JFK and General Walker would butt heads on this school integration as JFK had General Walker hauled off for sedition and riots in the South. General Walker had been passing around the John Birch Society to his German Command troops and attempting to interfere with JFK's Foreign policy, and General Walker resigned. It was a clear signature from the John Birch Society with attacks on Eisenhower, General Walker trying to take control of Foreign Policy in the Military and the continued attacks on JFK that this Rockefeller Funded organization was the mouthpiece for the Military / Industrial Network.

Soon General Walker, who was a militant Bircher, would be herd conspiring with California Senator Rousellot, who took Nixon's old seat, to have JFK killed. The FBI's informant on the JBS in California, Harry J. Dean, reported these California Bircher discussions in Rousellot's offices with Gen. Walker. Also, a Southern hate group person named Joseph Milteer would be in the FBI data for telling JFK was going to be shot by an Ambush from high buildings very soon. The writing was on the wall that JFK was going to be killed and the FBI didn't do a thing to stop it. In Dallas, HL Hunt brought in George Wallace to announce he was going to run for President just ahead of JFK's visit. George Wallace was a rabid anti-Civil Rights type from Alabama. George Wallace would attempt to get Curtis LeMay to run as his VP, and LeMay's nuke em till they glow speech sank Wallace and LeMay's run for office.

Soon there were lots of former Intelligence people, that were ally with the European Intelligence Systems PERMINDEX, in the South looking for ways to knock off JFK and have the Perfect Murder. The first order solution was to have a "Patsy" to set up as the killer of JFK and make him look like a Communist Plot to kill JFK. That was an easy plan to put together for the corrupt Birchers in Dallas, Texas and their buddies over in New Orleans. HL Hunt was big pals with Alton Oschner in New Orleans and they picked up Lee Oswald to help run a special operation to kill Castro using radiation and cancer virus methods that was just being spotted via the Cancer Research into Monkey virus effects from SV-40 vaccine contamination. Alton Oschner killed one of his young family members with contaminated virus injections and decided this might work on Fidel Castro and leave the Russians none the wiser.  It was a good plan that could be run under JFK’s very nose and not be detected that the Dallas Hunt gang set up an operation to kill Castro with cancer.  David Ferrie already had a mouse cancer research game in his home, and just adding more talent, as coordinated with Oschner, they added in Mary Sherman, Oak Ridge, Lee Oswald, and Judyth Baker as technical talents.

Lee Oswald would make the perfect person to frame as a "Lone Nut Communist Sympathizer" working for the Pro-Castro "Fair Plan for Cuba" types in New Orleans. Lee Oswald was pretty smart and in his printed hand out matter he left the office address for non-other than the former FBI Chicago Office Chief working in New Orleans. This was Guy Banister and Lee Oswald worked for him, and Banister had a relationship with PERMINDEX and Ferenc Nagy. So, as Lee Oswald began his "Dead Drop" methods of leaving trails like the "Oak Ridge Atomic Museum's" registry signed with his name and Russian links to Dallas, Texas and a Dallas Road, then he added the next "Dead Drop" method of printing Guy Banister's address on these leaflets.  Lee Oswald had them by the tail and was pulling pretty hard and leaving a big trail. Lee Owald was not signed onto or committed to their plan to kill JFK, and they knew it by that time. Lee Oswald had to go, if they were going to be successful with the Perfect Murder of JFK. Lee Oswald's death was as sure as JFK's at that point. Guy Banister was Ex-FBI, a John Birch Society Member and also a "Minuteman" Member, and connected to PERMINDEX. So, we are speaking of alliances with Hoover's anti-Communist FBI gang, the highly anti-Communist Mil / Ind Network's mouthpieces in the JBS, and the like Minutemen. This was the gang that was working up training in Louisiana Swamps and the gang that JFK had the FBI raid, removing guns, ammo and explosives, to shut down their private plot attack plan on Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

Everyone knows the Cuba Invasion was running out of South Florida and being funded by the CIA in the early part of the JFK administration and GHW Bush was part of the operations for using his Zapata oil platforms of Cuba as part of the operations.  All the usual suspects connected to Gerry Hemmings were involved in setting up these training camps for displaced Cubans in the US.  After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, JFK shut down all CIA driven operations for these methods and the Florida Operation had to go underground and moved up to Lake Pontchartrain area of Louisiana.  They no longer had CIA funding and had to depend on various interests from New Orleans shipping and Houston and Dallas funders.  Even theft operations were used to fund their project as persons, like Guy Banister, were connected with theft of explosives and weapons from the Schlumberger Oil operations and ended up in Banister’s office in New Orleans, and were destined for this clandestine version of the once CIA funded project in Florida driven underground to New Orleans.   JFK got onto these Louisiana Operations and forced J Edgar Hoover to raid the place and shut it down.  This meant all this gang playing Soldiers of Fortune were on the records now and it would be suicide for any of them to attempt to kill JFK.  It was a criminal act to conspire to kill foreign leaders and a violation of the Neutrality Act.  As the Louisiana Operation was forced into non-existence, one more desperate plan came into view that could be kept well hidden from JFK and the legal authorities in the US.   This plan was a secret clandestine idea using the knowledge of Alton Oschner, linked to INCA, that cancer viruses can kill and make it appear there was a natural event killing their mark, and their mark was still Castro in Cuba.   Alton Oschner’s plan was much like the Stalin Doctor’s Plot that many in Intelligence circles associate to killing Communist Party Members under Stalin, and perhaps Stalin himself.

Lee Oswald's time in New Orleans was spent working on the "Kill Castro with Cancer Project" that picked up a young anti-Castro lady from Bradenton, Florida, named "Judyth Baker".  Baker was recommended to Alton Oscher for a more clandestine privately funded project by Senator George Smathers of Florida as the South Florida CIA operation was shut down.  Baker knew the tricks to make cancers take in mice and they would not have to train her to do the lab technician type work to select the most virulent cancer associated viruses that were mutated with radiation techniques. She worked with persons like Lee Oswald, the odd looking alipecia stricken David Ferrie, Mary Sherman the Tulane Cancer Expert and others for months. Judyth Baker and Lee Oswald held jobs at "Reily Coffee Company" in New Orleans to make enough money to keep a roof on their heads, as this was not a CIA funded project but a cheaper one involving Hunt and Oschner funding.  Reiley Coffee’s owner was a member of Oschner’s INCA organization and he was supplying help by giving the pair a job. When the time came to put the plan into action, it was met with delivery problems and the kill game never even made it into Cuba. Perhaps, if that plan had succeeded in killing Castro, then those driving that plan would have backed off on killing JFK. But, the failure of that attempt on Castro appears to have sealed the fate of both Lee Oswald and John Kennedy.  They became marked for death by these anti-Castro conspirators of Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas.

Soon, Lee Oswald would be off to Dallas, Texas and being set up by Ruth Paine, her White Russian associates, her Naval Intelligence linked husband who worked for NAZI Walter Dohrnberger at Bell Aerospace Systems in Dallas. The Paine's connections in Dallas would place Lee Oswald working for the Texas School Book Depository and right beside the JFK Motorcade Route in Dallas for November 22, 1963. That was the "script" for a "Lone Nut Communist" to kill JFK and the script placed an Italian Carbine Rifle in the building with a loose scope, lined up three spent shell cases in a perfect line, with nice boxes for a shooting rest. But, one of the boxes had LBJ's Malcolm Wallace's fingerprint on it and that was only the beginning of things that didn't fit the LHO script too well and the holes in the story for a "Perfect Murder" began.

The Perfect Murder planning was not one that depended only upon so simple a plan as to frame only Lee Oswald, as the plotters fully intended to be able to put several high level people's head in a noose, if push came to shove. So, the next layer was to make sure to put LBJ's and J. Edgar Hoover's head in the noose and do this via Hoover's games to control the OSS's importation of NAZIs into America. In the times for the formation of the TVA a group called the Defense Industry Security Command was put together with Hoover and TVA Chief David Lillienthal. This group initially protected a munitions factory at Muscle Shoals, Alabama and the Pre-TVA dam that ran that operation. When Oak Ridge came into being, it was expanded to cover Oak Ridge, and when the NAZI rocket scientists moved into Red Stone Arsenal at Huntsville, Alabama it also protected that military effort. The Defense Industry Security Command, or "DISC", was allied with the FBI’s Division 5, which was the counter espionage unit for the FBI. DISC was based partly at Muscle Shoals and partly at a DOD Supply Depot in Columbus, Ohio. DISC's counter-intelligence function was run by an Ex-OSS person named Major Louis Bloomfield based in Montreal, Canada. Major Bloomfield was well connected with UK Intelligence, knew all the old OSS methods, and even tied with the Bronfman Mafia of Canada. Hoover apparently liked the Jewish Major Bloomfield because he might be more motivated to keep a close eye on the NAZI's which the US imported into the US after WWII. Bloomfield would come to take control over the International World Corporatate version of the IG Farben NW-7 Vision of Prince Bernhard's PERMINDEX.

PERMINEX was in huge trouble in Europe for attempting to assassinate France's General DeGaulle over issues like ending France's support for the Israeli Nuclear Plant at "Dimona," that was intended to produce nuclear weapons, and also the French giving up their "Colony of Algeria" to the Arabs. Guy Banister, with Clay Shaw, in New Orleans was caught sending money to the European kill General DeGaulle plans. PERMINDEX was having all kinds of money problems as Prince Bernhard gave them a huge estate worth millions, which the Italians declared as a National Park making it worth nothing for PERMINDEX. Italy's killing the PERMINDEX funding on the European Continent pretty much got rid of PERMINDEX’s influence in Europe, but UK Intelligence Interests under Bloomfield picked up the pieces. All the Rome based PERMINDEX crew was in huge trouble in Europe, as DeGaulle and INTERPOL closed in on them and they ran off to UK dominated South Africa in 1962. Major Bloomfield was able to easily gain control of PERMINDEX in this period of huge trouble and use it for his designs, the UK’s Royals, Bilderberg’s, and Hoover's.

Major Bloomfield was a Canadian National and his first allegiances was toward Zionism and the King and Queen of England, and he was with UK Intelligence, and a huge Zionist that trained the Israeli Army. Few people know that the King and Queen of England claim their rights to rule via religion linked laws, stemming from the Jewish Talmud. The Right to Rule links back to the Throne of David and that Royal Bloodline down through history to the present day Kings and Queens of England. Jewish loyalty to the UK's "Royals" is built into their religious laws of the Talmud. As a result, there is lots of Jewish linked "deceit and treachery" to keep the UK's Royalists afloat during WWI and WWII.

European Jewish linked actions dragged the US into both those wars to save the King and Queen, or the Royal Monarchy. Jewish schemes got the US into WWI in return for the "Lord Balfour" Declaration Agreement to carve up Palestine into Israel and a place to put the Jewish Oriented People that kept having problems with Pogroms that killed them. There is a Talmudic Law driven hate against non-Jewish persons that appears to drive this religion's class dislike by the masses for those of the Jewish religion by all non-Jewish. The issue of the UK’s Royals and Talmudic religious law are intimately connected and one can't have the Royals without the Jewish Talmudic Law and likewise the UK would not exist but due to the "deceit and treachery" methods used by European Jewish methods to save the Royals and the UK by dragging in America.

It was a rather simple formula or plan for Britain to emerge from Roman dominance, and obvious, if the Britain Kings and Queens were designed to come from descendants or the Bloodline of David, that the literate and richer Jewish of the Dark Ages of Europe's Feudal system would begin to line up behind the "Throne of England". It also well explains why all the schemes of the British Empire came to involve exploitation of other humans, as the Talmud tells these rich Jewish merchants following the UK's Royalists that all non-Jews are to be exploited and used for the betterment of the Jewish element. So, UK aligns behind slavery of Blacks using Jewish owned merchant ships to conduct the "Atlantic Triangle's" trade, UK aligns behind Opium addiction "Golden Triangle" trade of the Jewish Sassoons to bring China to its knees for many chests of Gold, the UK aligns behind tobacco as another addictive substance for the Atlantic Triangle, the UK aligns behind Jewish Rothchild's usury methods to keep harvesting from Colonies and expanding their Empire's girth in the world, and the British write their own version of the Bible Called the "King James Edition" that leaves out their Talmudic roots for Royalists Rule and the Essene values of Jesus that opposed these Talmudic methods as evil and the ways of serpents. It was a certainty that the UK Intelligence would align behind the need to kill JFK, who had their number for exploitation using wars and America.

Perhaps it was predestined that JFK would have problems due to his Irish Catholic Heritage and his visit to Dublin, Ireland on June 28, 1963.  On June 23, 1963, JFK had visited Berlin, Germany and expressed support for them.  This was his second visit to Germany as he visited them in August 1945 with John Forrestal, who was also Catholic and helped save Berlin via the German Airlift.  John Forrestal was murdered by Jewish factions because he pushed to not divide Palestine and was anti-Zionist.  The Jewish Mafia of New York was known for “defenestration” or tossing people out of windows to kill them and Jewish Mafia’s Meyer Lansky was infamous for doing this against Germans in New York.  Forrestal was followed by Zionist agents upset over his support of the Arab elements against Zionism.  Forrestal was attacked in the press by Jewish Zionist agent Walter Wenchell and also by Drew Pearson.  The Press Games of Drew Pearson to expound on lies in the press was called The Merry-go-round and this technique became the method to cover up the JFK assassination with a continual disinformation merry-go-round of books.  Forrestal’s murder was similar to an attempt on anti-Zionist Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin of Britain, who was being targeted for death by Israel’s Begin and Irgun.  Louis Bloomfield trained the Irgun. 

Forrestal was Secretary of the Navy as installed by Franklin Roosevelt, serving during WWII.  As Wenchell and Perry attacked him for the 8F group, Truman created a Secretary of Defense position for him on Sept. 17, 1947.  James Forrestal was not playing the 8F Texas Oil Groups games to become the US version of a domestic OPEC.  The attacks worsened and Forrestal was involved with military fuel contracts with Arabia and battling with the Air Force on balancing the military budgets, and that was directly against the control that the 8F group sought to achieve for making money from Texas oil assets and weapons production.   He was killed on May 22, 1949 with complaints of the 8F group being after him and Middle Eastern types following him.  The 8F group wanted Forrestal dead, but they wanted it to appear Jewish interests killed him.  Forrestal likely knew about the big cover up involving the White Sands nuclear testing with German lenticular aircraft that killed a few humans that became known as the Roswell incident and was going to leak that to nail those responsible to getting him tossed out of Government.  JFK also made an inquiry into the Roswell incident and they still didn’t want to explain what happened to JFK, in 1963.   JFK likely noticed these issues of the 8F group tied to his Catholic Friends death and this was one more reason JFK was after the 8F group.  A like plan was arranged for JFK by the offspring of the Houston 8F group in Dallas.

The big plan that guaranteed success in the murder of James Forrestal was to tie in the Jewish and Zionist component, and they the Zionist and Jewish owned press would do everything possible to make it only a suicide.  Bernard Weissman was the Jewish person calling out JFK as a Communist to pull in the trail to look for Jewish Zionists that killed JFK.   The back up plan, if murder was suspected, would be to blame the Jewish and Zionist components that hated James Forrestal.  This same method was designed into the JFK hit to keep the press from even breathing the slightest word that the 8F group or HL Hunt was suspected in plotting the murder of JFK.   What worked on Catholic James Forrestal, a similar designed plan would apply to JFK’s death.  This time they had to sell the Patsy story to the US.  Lots of the 8F gang that worked the Forrestal murder were either dead or ill, so the ring leader plot to kill JFK came down to HL Hunt and General Walker as the master planners.  They just added in a few obvious Jewish people being after JFK for Communism and Zionism issues, and the press was going to follow the Lone Gunman theme only.  The Dallas Ring Leaders made sure to tie in the PERMINDEX group and their Jewish Zionist leader with the Jewish names connected to the JFK hit.

 JFK had an admiration for Hitler after his visit to Southern Germany and predicted the truth might liberate the negatives from Hitler.  Hitler knew well the religious history that made Britain an Empire.  Religions were formed to gather a following based upon having a higher truth, a stewardship for man, and in many cases a class superiority problem.  Religions cause a dichotomy or split in mankind’s beliefs between those designed for Empire, Fascism, and Tyrant control and those designed for Democracy, Socialism, and diversity of wealth.  England adopted the old Pharisee and Talmudic system and other countries adopted the Essene system of a common wealth and divided power run by the people it Governed.  Real Freedom meant elections, freedom of information, education.  The Roman Catholics adopted the latter with respect for Mary and Jesus and the Essene Beliefs, and the British Empire and Israeli Zionism adopted the Babylon Talmud system of using religion to gain power and control via Fascism and Oligarchic methods, or Empire and Impearlism methods.  This effect also divided the Irish and the Britains, as Ireland wanted freedom from the British Colonization methods.  Yet, the Catholic system also used concentration of wealth in the Church and this process could well Lord over Government policies, thus the US wanted separation of church and state for two reasons, the Vatican’s power and the British Royalist’s power of Europe.

  The Protestant Britains tried to suppress the Irish Catholics in their history and this forced the Irish Independence in 1922, except for the area of Northern Ireland that remained with Britain.  This conflict with Northern Ireland is still a civil war.  JFK went to Ireland and visited the original house of the Fitzgerald family for a speech, and remarked that its architecture may have been the inspiration for the US White House.  JFK speech contained emphasis on control of nuclear weapons proliferation that the Irish supported, and emphasis on freedom and liberty.  JFK was the first Catholic US President and the first US President to visit Ireland, which did not sit well with the British nor their Israeli supporters.   JFK grew up partly in London and understood the oppressive colonist methods of the British Empire and knew the Irish history.  He also likely understood well that the Language of Kings, Queens, Lords of the feudal Europe came from the old religious orders begin in he Middle East and in particular the Talmudic issues that formed the wealth and power of Britain to become an Empire to overcome Roman Rule.

At the end of WWII, the Jewish banking elements, the Rothschilds tied to Britain, pressured to then divide Palestine and create Israel. This ugly terrorism process of the Zionists to convert Palestine into Israel displaced and killed many Arabs persons and took their homes and property, which started a Civil War there that continues into today. The incentive pressure on the UK was in the form of terrorism against British soldiers that killed them in areas like the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, Palestine. At nearly the same time, in the 1946-47 time frame, the NAZIs and their technology booty came to America, being rescued from Nuremberg by Allen Dulles.   The UK agreed to get out of Palestine and divide a part for Israel to keep its Balfour Agreement, and the domestic CIA was formed to replace the OSS in 1947. Not long afterwards, the NW-7 like PERMINDEX moves picked up many Jewish Friendly OSS types left hanging in Europe to support the Bilderburg's moves to have Corporatism take over the world.  There was a large new power plays taking place and some of them were not in favor of the US, as they wanted Fascist control over the US.  This new power plan allow the British King and Queen to play a lesser role in British Government, but still have massive wealth and power to control all the Capitalistic thrust for more power in different continents.

The Bilderberg and big banking plan is for the creation of a “World Company” as a replacement for the nation-state. The plan was based upon the idea that corporations were much better suited to managing the world’s scarce resources than were nations and their governments. It was a corporatist conception, corporatism being the method by which Benito Mussolini ran his Venetian-dominated fascist state. Under corporatism, the state becomes an appendage of the corporations. This corporation dominance over the US is the extreme problem that exists today and the reason that the PERMINDEX sought to base itself in Rome originally. Everyone got so tired of Mussolini's Fascism that he was hung trying to escape, and the very same forces will form against this corporatism that stole the Peoples Freedom in the United States.

The US sought to dump the Royalist's games in the Revolutionary War or The War of Independence, and the 13 British Colonies won Independence from the exploitations of Britain. The US Declaration of Independence and Constitution sought to forever rid itself of Royalist type control and even sought that Government be separate of religion. This was designed so as to not have a religion theme designed to put a Royal Bloodline theme into any office of the Independent Colonies. Yet, there exists a great deal of subtrefuge afoot in these times that seeks to have Americans support the Jewish Talmud unconditionally, and that is a design to put the US back into a mode of Royalists controlling the country, or allowing Royalist controller mega-Corporations control the US economically---that being a prime NWO or OWG concept. So, no American can be loyal to his Constitution by allowing himself to be duped into supporting the Jewish Talmudist religion or the Royalists so derived, without formally recognizing all the factors for reform against the Talmud that the Constitution and Declaration set forth.

Britain has always been an exploitive country and designed various schemes to take people's freedoms or exploit them. Britain ran the profitable Atlantic Triangle Trade Route to promote Sugar, Tobacco, and Slavery. Britain allowed the Golden Triangle drug trade to have the Sassoons addict China to Opium and they were not satisfied and added tobacco addictions and the Tobacco companies ran the drug trade to such huge profits they rebuilt the faltering British Naval forces. The US won its freedom from such exploitationists, but Mason Ben Franklin, with the Masonic loyalty to London, let the British banking gain a foothold back into the American States and slowly pushed for a National Bank to gain control over America's money and extract usury from the Americas. This eventually turned into the "Beast of Jekyll Island" push to get the foreign bank dominated "Federal Reserve" and the "Federal Income Tax" to exploit America to make world wars to expand their control.  Woodrow Wilson even said he ruined the US when he approved the Jekyll Island plans for the Federal Reserve. What came from WWII was the Rockefeller Corporatism that formed IG Farben which became Hitler's War Machine that nearly conquered all the Allies with technology advantages and corporation driven methods. These techniques were preserved via Prince Bernhard, of the Netherlands and PERMINDEX became their enforcement arm to expand via World Trade. These rich Royalist dominated Bilderberger types were highly intend on attacking anything that resembled Communism or those that might divide their oligarchic money power and wealth.

This sordid UK history bring us back to Canada and a person named Major Louis Bloomfield that assumed control of the PERMINDEX operation to the goals of Britain and the Bilderberg Royals of Europe, acting as a large corporate board setting the directions of corporations that controlled the countries within which they resided. As JFK was cutting the Federal Reserve System from the US via the US Govt going back into the printing of money business to return the wealth and control of wealth to the American People this was like a new Tea Party by a Boston Born Jack Kennedy to kick out the control over America by the British Elite's bankers.  JFK watched these very same schemes try to control Germany as he toured Europe, and he noticed much the same game being played on the US, and it was coming from the European corporatism thrust that was called the Mil/Ind Network in the US and being most vocal via the JBS’s rich Dallas group.

JFK was not playing any of their games to keep control of regions, like Central and South America, which was an early Rockefeller Plan via his "CIAA" methods. JFK wasn't supporting the Indo-China area going Communist war effort because they were sick and tired of the Royalists games for exploitation of the countries peoples and wealth. JFK spotted the group that started the Slavery Problem that has the US in a huge mess with Civil Rights. JFK was bucking the system of these Royalist games to push back Communism or Socialist leaning systems of Government.  JFK thought that countries should self-determine their directions.  JFK was cutting the UK's power to exploit the US for Wars, and cutting the intent of the Zionists to become a nuclear start and jeopardize Peace with Russia and Cuba.  JFK was also setting the US back onto a course for self-determination and setting the people in the US and the Constitution back in control.

People in the US often fail to learn the history of Europe and Britain that is essential toward understanding the International elements for the JFK hit.  Britain was a powerful shipping and trading economy via its Empire methods.  Liverpool England was the Second city of England with London being number One.  London has the “City of London” District as a square mile financial trading district that made it number one.  Liverpool made is fortunes from trading slaves, cotton, liquor, tobacco, tea, opium and using methods to exploit and control populations.  Major English banks were established from the riches of Liverpool’s shipping trade for the Empire.  Liverpool was the center of the Drug Trade in Britain and had lots of Organized Crime elements.   The Beetles Singing group came from Liverpool’s drug infested environment and sold America’s youth on the ideas of Drugs like LSD and others as being connections to the Gods.  LSD was discovered in Switzerland, where PERMINDEX was formed.  Many of the Beetles songs were written under the influence of drugs.  Much later, as Britain began to take on the Liverpool drug trades, these British Mafia drug dealings were forced into Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Netherlands was the home of Prince Bernhard and it is not wonder that drugs and sex are legalized in the Netherlands due to this Royalist game to make money from exploitation of others.  Amsterdam competed with Liverpool as the British East India Company operation and the Dutch East India Company operated out of Amsterdam, Netherlands and each used similar trading and exploitation methods.

It was a very easy thing, at this point, for the Dallas JFK killers to involve the Major Bloomfield PERMINDEX political assassination functions to knock off JFK with foreign drug mafia killers. Corsican killers, like Lucien Sarti, were particularly attractive and safer because they were deadly, guaranteed a Code of Silence, and took pay in terms of drugs, like Opium. Dallas had PERMINDEX's Ferenc Nagy living right in Dallas, Texas, and the head of the DISC unit was pals with J. Edgar Hoover. New Orleans had PERMINDEX's Clay Shaw living right in New Orleans with JBS and FBI type Guy Banister, who was a PERMINDEX resource. A killing plan that used foreign killers would be far harder to investigate and solve, if the killers lived outside the US borders. Thus, the Perfect Murder of JFK was beyond a domestic plot, it was an International Crime by Design.  PERMINDEX was tossed out of Europe and was using South Africa to avoid extradition of records, and they were setting up new operations in the US via Clay Shaw and Guy Banister in New Orleans and Ferenc Nagy in Dallas.  In the Garrison Investigations of Clay Shaw they used a similar trick to avoid extradition by getting California Governor Reagan to block extradition of PERMINDEX documents sequestered there to avoid Jim Garrison’s legal reach.  For doing this for the Big Royalists, Ronald Reagan guaranteed himself a run for the White House and the backing to get him into place to protect these interests from being exposed.  After things settled down even the PERMINDEX inner circle person, Mason George Mandel, fled Europe and moved to New Orleans.

Like Ronald Reagan, a succession of presidents were boosted into the Office of the Presidency due to allegiance to the Foreign overthrow of the US Government by these Royalist European elements.  Nixon won office by supporting the great cover up behind the JFK assassination and paid the price when he thought the DNC had the goods on him and the Plumbers all were discovered and Nixon resigned rather than tell the story.  Ford was pressed into the Presidency due to his loyalty to the Warren Commissions cover up.  Bush-41 was pressed into the presidency because his Zapata oil operation knew the Cuba story and his loyalty to the Texas oil types that sold out America by treason.  Bush-43 was clued into this same system of debauchery and plunged the US into massive debt and massive wars for these corrupt crooks that took over the US Government via the JFK assassination collaborations.  The Royalist’s wealth of Europe married itself to the Mafia Crooks as enforcers to their cause of massive corporate control of America and expanding the same method to the world slowly via wars and using America’s stupidity to their advantage.  The big secret is the US has fallen from within, and there are a bunch of Criminally Conspiring thugs in high US Office that are effectively on the payroll of these same Royalists Corporation elements that killed JFK.

JFK had made an enemy of the New Orleans Mafia leader named Carlos Marcello.  Marcello was really from Tunis, next to Algeria, and had faked his country of origin as Guatemala in 1953. His parents were Sicilian, so he was a natural for the Mafia in New Orleans.  So, as the Kennedy’s connected him with Organized Crime and the INCA issues in New Orleans, they deported him to Guatemala in April 1961.  Guatemala was part of his tomato trading and shipping network that Marcello was involved and in a very short time Marcello was back in the US, but it was an ordeal that he’d not soon forget.  Carlos put out the Mafia solicitations into Marseilles, France for shooters to kill JFK, as the PERMINDEX group was way to hot to originate another hire for a killer in Europe.  Marcello was acting as go-between extensions of Banister and Shaw, with PERMINDEX connections and the big money operations for the hit payoff.  Guatemala was the country used by David Ferrie to train pilots used for Cuba invasion aircraft, in the earlier planning to hit Castro.  It is also rather interesting to take note that Clay Shaw’s alias is Clay “Bertrand”, which is linked to the name of Lord “Bertrand” Russell of the British cover up alliance on JFK.  There are always these name association trails the link to why aliases were chosen.  Even Lee Oswald left another huge clue with his alias of Alex Heidel, as the real Alexander Heidel is a biblical scholar looking a Babylon’s influences and the Babylon Talmud is the central issue for the Essene and Christ.  Lee Oswald, in his own special way, appears to have left another Dead Drop type message as to the origin of the long standing problems that led to JFK’s death.

Guatemala had been the scene of a CIA operation that overturned their Govt. in 1954, and the then American friendly area was used to assemble the CIA’s Cuba invasions effort against Castro.   They were hoping for a similar easy win and conversion as happened in Guatemala in 1954, but Castro was a much tougher and hardened leader to battle.  The Bay of Pigs invasion failed miserably, as they miscalculated the resistance and the protection that Castro enjoyed.  Carlos Marcello, set up his faked country of origin as Guatemala and this was like tossing him into the most CIA controlled area around, where Marcello’s tomato shipping and trading operations were well represented.

Plus, the plan to involve Major Bloomfield's PERMINDEX assassination unit also drew in Bloomfield's Zionist connections over Israel, the UK Intelligence associations and the UK bad blood history against the US, and the DISC relationship with Hoover and the FBI. Quite literally HL Hunt and the Pro-NAZI inclined Birchers in Dallas, Texas could literally put a noose around the neck of the highest law enforcement person in the United States, and a highly ranked UK Intelligence and Zionist person in Montreal. All they had to do was a little more assassination rigging magic and involve Jewish Bernard Weissman to place a hate JFK ad in the Dallas Newspaper. Interestingly, Weissman would not join the Dallas JBS because he considered them too anti-Jewish. They already had Jewish Jack Ruby involved in the kill JFK plans. They added a few shots coming from the building of LBJ's USAEC good ole boy campaign financier Morris Jaffee, also Jewish.  They wanted to make it look like Stalin’s Doctor’s Plot, if they needed that cover story.  They then had a noose around the neck of the Corrupt President of the United States, Lying Lyndon Johnson. And they had Jewish Abe Zapruder filming the whole Public Execution of JFK to serve as a warning toward any future US President that resisted the goals of the Royalist's Banking and Bilderberg Corporate expansion around the world. If those with the noose around their neck failed to cooperate with the Bircher's plans they literally had the way in hand to start a war with Russia, or the UK, or Israel and basically another World War. The Dallas JBS, led by HL Hunt, had planned the Perfect Murder to allow them to totally escape Justice.

The Zapruder Film was used to take over the Life Magazine news on the corruption of LBJ that would have forced him from the Vice Presidency, if JFK survived, or the Presidency, if JFK died. The HL Hunt Intelligence Network and the Birchers literally turned the techniques of the CIA's "Mockingbird" methods to control the press into their own system to force the issues on putting the LHO script into place and the FBI brow-beating witnesses to say they only heard three shots from one location.  They insisted witness tell there were never any shots from the Dallas Textiles Building, “Dal-Tex Building”, but reality was there were three, and never a shot off the Grassy Knoll, but there was one. History was distorted and the justice system subverted by crooks at the highest levels of the US Government. The Dallas Birchers ran the show, and the corrupt US Government met their terms. They designed and ran the Perfect Murder of US President Jack Kennedy.

It had its problems as the Birchers had to influence Jack Ruby to kill Lee Oswald on public television to prevent what Ruby thought could become “Pogroms against the Jews," as the Birchers intentionally set up the Jewish faction in PERMINDEX that tied to Zionism and the UK's Royalists. Jack Ruby is known as the first person to ever be seen killing a person on live television. Though he pleaded to be taken out of Dallas, complained about the position the John Birch Society placed him in, he was never moved and died in the jail overlooking Dealey Plaza.  HL Hunt and a number of the 8F group had a score to settle with Jack Ruby.  Jack Ruby knew HL Hunt well from the days of the Top O’Hill Terrace Club in Arlington, TX. that was run by Lewis McWillie and Jack Ruby handled their sports betting and skimmed money off the rich 8F group that frequented this club.  Arlington, TX., located midway between Dalls and Ft. Worth, was the leading gambling and glamerous zone before Las Vegas came into prominence.  Lewis McWillie worked for Meyer Lansky and came to run the Cuban Casino for Meyer Lansky.  After Castro shut down the Mafia owned Hotels and Casinos in Cuba Lansky moved McWillie to Las Vegas.  Ruby ends up with a trunk load of money after a visit with McWillie, just days before he kills LHO.  Ruby tells Warren he killed LHO because he wanted to be a Tough Jew, which is the very same words that Tough Guy Meyer Lansky used when tossing German NAZIs out of windows in New York.  Ruby also speaks of Cotton Deals with Morris Jaffe being helped by Meyer Lansky.  For Jack Ruby it came down to the issue that if LHO lived the HL Hunt JBS game was set to frame the Jewish community and Zionists for shooting JFK and the only way to prevent that was for Jack Ruby to become a Tough Jew and kill LHO so the lone nut gunman story would stick.  So, HL Hunt, using his connections with McWillie, got his revenge against Jack Ruby and that is why Ruby wanted to be removed from Dallas to talk on his role in shooting LHO and the assassination.

The Warren Commission's Report was the ultimate of Government Cover up materials. J. Edgar Hoover had shut down all the Dallas JFK investigation and took all the records and told everyone in the Dallas Police to say nothing. Lyndon Johnson pressured Earl Warren to lead a faked up JFK Investigation in Washington where they doctored all the information to force fit the LHO did It with three shots Dallas Bircher "Script."   The forced fit worked like wearing the left shoe on the right foot and the Perfect Murder was beginning to show considerable defects as the Little Dutch Boys could not plug all the leaks and make it a convincing Report. Citizen's trust in their Government plummeted due to the lies of Lyndon Johnson and the Warren Commission, as the entire Country saw the corruption of what Crooked Politicians were doing to America.  Jack Ruby died of the same type cancer the New Orleans plot, which he was involved, had hoped to kill Castro.

Along the history lots more had to die to keep their secret from the American Public, but many knew and kept silent. And the Jim Garrison investigation set off another rash of murders, as he arrested PERMINDEX asset Clay Shaw in New Orleans. Jim Garrison's trained investigative eye saw all the defects in the Warren Report and took on a deeper look as the factions in New Orleans that were tied to Lee Oswald and found a cesspool of John Birch types and their PERMINDEX international helpers in assassinations. All the Mockingbird type assets came out to attack Garrison when he would not take a pay-off to drop his investigation.  While the CIA had a Mockingbird operation to control the Public’s knowledge, there were largely owned and controlled by Pro-Jewish owners, as was Hollywood.  The big Communism scare was merely a scam to keep the public from noticing this other faction dominated the press and Hollywood, like a big slight of hand trick to change the attention focus in the news.  California Governor Ronald Reagan and the JBS’s California Senator Roussellot played along with their big money games, and JBS’s General Walker made sure to recruit their alliances early on.  Only via the Highly Corrupt Governor Ronald Reagan, in California, were the PERMINDEX records sequestered in California and Garrison witnesses protected in California from having to testify in New Orleans Court for Garrison. It was very close, but the Perfect Murder in Dallas, Texas prevailed, at the expense of many more deaths to silence leakers. It was a very very bloody Perfect Murder for the Birchers and PERMINDEX, that were willing to kill many Americans to get JFK. It was the theme of Money Corrupts Absolutely and anyone will tell a JFK truth seeking person to Follow the Money Trail to find the killers.

The most interesting money trail after the JFK assassination shows that Texas based Bell Helicopters got their military contracts to supply lots of helicopters for the war in Vietnam. Texas based KBR became the prime military contractor for the construction of bases in Vietnam. And the very same behind the lines killing method that OSS Operative Bloomfield used in Burma against the Japanese became the Operation Phoenix and Operation White Star that killed so many Communists in Laos and Cambodia. British General Charles Orde Wingate trained Bloomfield in "Night Attacks" and "Surprise attacks" in Palestine and took these same tactics into Burma. The Indo-China drugs continued to flow into the US designated interests for the CIA and UK. Also, the suspected source for "Operation Northwoods" is Bloomfield and his Canadian based "Northwoods" ideas from OSS methods of Orde Wingate. The scheme that LBJ used to escalate the "Vietnam War" was a faked up Mini-version of Northwoods called the "Gulf of Tonkin" Incident that suggest the US was attacked. When faced with the same scenario for the "Six Day War" and the Israeli attack on the "USS Liberty", LBJ did nothing and allowed US Sailors to die. The difference on the USS Liberty was LBJ was in the pocket of Bloomfield and the Zionists over the JFK assassination.

Only in the last decade has it become safer for additional leakers on the JFK murder to tell the story of the run up to the assassination and expose all the reasons for his murder. So, many can now read the story of what Lee Oswald was doing in New Orleans in the months before he became "The Patsy" in the book by Judyth Baker and another by Ed Haslam looking at the Mary Sherman story. It was a time when organized medicine under Alton Oschner, who was highly funded by HL Hunt, was turned to CIA like private funded plots to kill foreign leaders.  Judyth Baker’s book and story is highly attacked by the JFK cover up elements because it exposes the Alton Oschener relationship in the Castro plot and it is just a little jump to connect to HL Hunt being the planner for the JFK assassination, as their mutual New Orleans plans failed.  Many other good books on the truth behind the JFK assassination and aftermath are sure to follow these two good books. It is the story where the Intelligence Agencies had a huge loss of control and literally one group didn't know what the other was doing as the OSS broke off into independent factions following diverse leaders. It is a story of ultimate corruption and criminal operation of the US Government in order to usher in fascist Global Corporatism to take American's Freedoms and run over the Founding Father's intention and values of the US Constitution. 

Great statesmen, such as Abe Lincoln and Nikita Khrushchev, have said that the US would be taken from within, if it were to fall, and this was the process via how it occurred.  JFK and Khrushchev, like Lincoln, appeared to have taken notice of the same fate for America and JFK was on course to regain America’s Freedom.  One can begin to see Khrushchev’s angst as the very system the Russians fought with Hitler and the IG Farben Corporate Machine was recreated on a vastly larger scale by former NAZI Prince Bernhard.  Khrushchev sought a moderate solution for a free Berlin to curb the brain drain of the Berlin Soviet sector, but as the Corporate Colonial styled Imperialist machine gained power, the Russians built the final piece of the German division via the Berlin Wall.  All this could have likely been prevented had not the extreme right movement with the John Birch Society and the Bilderberg machine been kept in check by a few Good Men.   JFK was on course to become one of those Few Good Men to regain America’s Freedom, but the Greed of the Corporate Beast was too great for one man to overcome.  Though JFK was a man of many faults in his personal life, those were outshone by his will to do the Greater Goods for America and build a sustainable world peace.  JFK’s Catholic friend John Forrestal’s predictions of endless wars if Palestine was divided came true, and the games of public manipulations of the truth in the media are the rule rather than the expectation.

Many of the JFK research community, names like James Fetzer, have started connecting the dots of JFK assassination information and extending it into the 911 investigation cover-up. The many lies and hidden agendas involving Britain, due to the above factors, resulted in the serious "Blow-Back" that caused the 911 Event in the US with Arab Interests, Palestine Interests, and Bin Laden. When the UK divided Palestine due to the "Irgun Jewish Terrorists", using the techniques of Major Bloomfield's training, blowing up the King David Hotel and killing lots of British Soldiers due to their promise to divide Palestine in return for getting the US into WWI, it caused a long term Middle East Instability that won't be done for decades. The deal as set forth in the Lord Balfour Agreement, stemmed right for a common Talmud connection between the Royals, the Zionists, and their NWO goals to control the world. The issue of the British Royals being in place because of the Talmud's Religious Laws and their bloodline links to the Throne of David, set the stage for the Talmudic belief that the Jewish should have part or all of Palestine, and call it Israel. Associate the incest of the Royals with the Talmud derived Zionists and that causing the serious long term upsets in the balance of the Middle East, that resulted in the blow-back that caused 911 in the US targeting the Rockefeller's WTC. Then associate the "Trade Mart" term with the Rockefeller WTC and how Rockefeller Funded the JBS, Birchers plugged in Nagy for the JFK assassination, and how Ferenc Nagy blended PERMINDEX into the Rockefeller plans associated with his CIAA.

The Keys to the “City of London's” involvement in the JFK murder and its cover up lie in the games of England's Lord Bertrand Russell's “British Who Killed Kennedy Committee." Author Donald Gibson's book “The Kennedy Assassination Cover Up” and his Interviews expose the British starting their cover up before the Warren Commission Report was done and planned to always blame the US Govt. for the JFK assassination and using a flood of Conspiracy Theory books to accomplish misleading the American People. The exploitive UK cover up plan of Lord Russell started the "JFK Conspiracy Theory Industry" that churns out hundreds of misleading books that expose everything but the Dallas Birch gang and their connecting the UK Govt.'s direct involvement in the murder of JFK and the cover up plan. That massive plan is one in the same with the JBS method to continue the JFK assassination cover up using misleading information they designed into the plot, if the Lee Harvey Oswald fake story failed.  The real story is Lee Oswald was working for the Alton Oshner’s rich Texans while in New Orleans, and the blame the assassination on the CIA or Government is largely misleading.  It was this Louisiana element that was most upset with JFK for shutting down their operations and their Texas funders started calling JFK the Communist and made him their next target.  The Texas funders were very cunning and intelligent in setting up both the Royalists (Major Bloomfield and his Zionists in PERMINDEX) and the Communists (Lee Oswalds cultivated image with Russian associates), which gave HL Hunt great leverage against either foreign side coming after HL Hunt in Dallas.  Plus, he had LBJ and Hoover in his back pocket and the US Intelligence Community also.

The Biggest Secret of the JFK assassination is that is part US Domestic authored and the rest Foreign Interest executed or produced.  In Europe, none of the Europeans were buying any of the Lone Nut Communist Spin the US press was pushing to the US Citizenry, and they were not buying the Warren Commission method either.   All of Europe saw a Government Cover up of the JFK murder and most considered Lee Oswald didn’t kill JFK.  A Paris reporter, Thomas G. Buchanan, stated that a Mr. X, a Millioniare Texas Oil Man Authored the Assassination Plot, that Lee Oswald was an accomplice but didn’t shoot, and the shooters were two other persons to the rear and front of JFK as the triggermen.  Newsman Buchanan wrote a best seller book sold in 8 European counties that was scuttling the Warren Report.  Then along comes Lord Bertrand Russell with his missive on 16 questions that sets all the British Government, the Prince Bernhard Bilderbergers and their PERMINDEX killer unit into a major panic that they are about to be accused of killing JFK as there were for their attempts to kill France’s General Degaulle.  Their entire plot for a New World Order was about to fall on their heads if the European’s suspicions got too large.  Lord Russell is a two faced person, acting concerned for JFK, and seeking to deceive the masses on the JFK truth. 

Lord Russell was the UK’s person that kicked off the nuclear bomb efforts, started the Manhattan Project from projecting fears of Hitler attaining the Bomb and when the Allies had the Bomb after the war proposed using it as a weapon of fear to usher in their long planned New World Order.  Lord Russell also promoted using drugs against countries to promote political control over them, and this certainly happened to the US.   What happened was that Europe’s seeing the truth started up the Birchers plan to toss out tons of disinformation or misleading books to keep America in the dark that the Bircher’s plot author, Hunt.  Hunt had succeeded in getting the British Controller of PERMINDEX to kill JFK because JFK was standing in the way of their New World Order plans of using Global Corporatism to take over the world.  When Europe was so well telling the truth on JFK, this pushed the plan into that of endless productions of disinformation blaming the Mafia or the CIA, but never PERMENDEX, the British Operatives, or their Bilderberg allies.  Any book author that falls short of discussions for this domestic and foreign powers involvement in the JFK plot is playing out the Birchers plans to cover up the JFK assassination.   There are perhaps 3 books that speak to nearly the whole truth on the JFK assassination, but now 1,000 that promote the Bircher and Lord Russell styled cover up design.

How this massive plan to cover up the JFK assassination today plays out on the Internet is via various blog sites like “JFK Murder Solved,” hosted from the Netherlands that promotes a James Files Mafia hire killed JFK, which is pure non-sense.  It is one of the main plans to blame the US Government or blame the Mafia, but never get into the foreign power involvement for the JFK murder due to PERMINDEX and British Loyal Major Louis Bloomfield.  The Netherlands is the main European base for the Israeli Mossad, and the person that sells the James Files story is a big pornographer, which is usually a Jewish dominated business.  The Bilderberg meetings are originally run out of the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands.  The other most obvious forum is called the JFK “Education Forum” being run out of England.  Its entire purpose is to help churn out one worthless book after another on the JFK assassination.   They hate authors like Judyth Baker because she knows the New Orleans and Dallas parts of the story well and tells that Lee Oswald was trying to prevent the JFK assassination and he had penetrated the Birch plotters in Dallas.  The British based “Education Forum” also tries to attack any telling of the story of the Lord Bertrand Russell connections to the plot and the British Loyal and Jewish Major Bloomfield being the principle producer for the JFK killing.  INTERPOL should consider these two factions to be in the same interest as the PERMINDEX associated unit they drove from Europe over the DeGaulle assassination attempts.

The US side of the plot to use the Internet to cover up the JFK assassination with the Blame the Government theme was one run by John McAdams, living near Canada.  Many of the McAdams cover up gang have moved into the Education Forum in England, to spread their methods better into that area.  The McAdams gang were the first to attack Judyth Baker for telling the story of Lee Oswald helping with the kill Castro with cancer project.   The McAdams Forums were some of the first to be exposed as having no real intention of solving the JFK Assassination and intending to confuse anyone reading their Internet pages.  McAdams was the first to lead the way for the Internet to assist in the JFK cover up methods using the Internet’s wide conveyance.  One can count on the Crooks involved in the JFK assassination research to try to smear the Judyth Baker story, involving Oschner, and the same for Ed Haslam’s work on Tulane’s Mary Sherman being associated with Oschner.  McAdams was highly into the games to discredit these books by these two authors, when these two books are so close to the roots of the assassination’s plotters as to be key element reading.

A like clone of the McAdams work is run by Robert Harris via the web site and Forum called The JFK History Page.  Like John McAdams we find that Robert Harris is a Judyth Baker hater, and is quoted in McAdams pages in their collective attempts to discredit the Judyth Baker stories witness to the critical elements of the role Lee Harvey played in Dallas, and how he tried to prevent the JFK assassination.  Judyth Baker was a rising young cancer researcher and she was used for a clandestine operation to attempt to kill Cuba’s Fidel Castro, and this group of Robert Harris followers attack Judyth Baker to suppress this knowledge in the minds of the few that give them any credibility.  They are part of the disinformation process that seek the issues into the CIA did the JFK hit, which hides the real plotters, keeps the focus off of the International big money group that was the real highly ranked anti-Communists that decided to target JFK because he was righting their exploitive wrongs against America.  This trio of Internet JFK debauchery is about how to attack a little old Lady, named Judyth Baker, and attempt to smear her good name.  What these attack groups hate is the associations that Judyth Baker tells of Senator Smathers, as he was a big Group 8F person that connected Baker to Oschner in New Orleans.  This leads too close to the real players of HL Hunt and the Texas 8F group that started the cold war with Castro over Oil Deals, and from there it is a sort association to PERMINDEX and the British interests.  They also attack anyone that gets to the root of the JFK assassination per Bloomfield and PERMINDEX and that association with the European Royals involvement in the JFK hit.  These are the extensions of the disinformation book club that was set up via Lord Bertrand Russell into the area of the self publishing Internet.  These are the seditionists against the truth being told to the American People and the Freedoms returned and Constitution power to “We the People” returned.   These are not persons to be respected by their keeping the American Public mislead on the JFK assassination and the capitalist Beast that JFK took on for Americans.

Members of the Education Forum site were advisors for the Oliver Stone movie called JFK and actually worked for the Israel Mossad gun running Jewish Executive Producer, Arnon Mulchan, of JFK and failed to expose the foreign element of the JFK murder in the movie and effectively lead the American people to the truth in place of half-truths that keep their freedom exploited by the British Royalist and Prince Bernhard’s Bilderberg New World Order plans to dominate the world.   Jack White, of the Education Forum, worked for a Foreign Agent in the making of the JFK Film, and the same theme of blame it on domestic sources, and never to speak the Major Louis Bloomfield and Lord Russell associations that wrap back around to PERMINDEX, Prince Bernhard, and then Louis Bloomfield again.  A huge number of those that dominate the Education Forum on JFK do everything possible to not get into the British and Bilderberg Foreign issues involved in the JFK assassination.  The Education Forum’s players recently founded a movement to destroy and discredit the Zapruder Film and this was all about silencing this photographic witness that makes JFK a Hero to many Americans.   The Education Forum’s plotters to kill the Zapruder Film were all about attempting to lower the passion to solve the JFK assassination for the European participants in the JFK assassination that would like this to fade off the American’s RADAR screen.   The European Foreign Involvement on JFK was very obvious by this attempt to attack the Zapruder Film’s validity, which was only about helping to suppress the truth on JFK for these Foreign Elements working the Education Forum.

  It turns out that JFK not only found the key elements for the US Military / Industrial Network, but that he found how American’s Freedoms were being exploited by this much larger British and Bilderberg Royalist’s plans to exploit the US for foreign wars and expanding their fascist footprint on the planet while reducing its population due to the multiple wars they sought for control.  JFK well understood the warning that John Forrestal told Truman and today, since both died to protect America, it has come true.  JFK and Forrestal understood the issue of Stalin’s alignment with Hitler in the Jewish in the Government, and how that issue had the big money controllers in Europe suddenly changed from backing Hitler to backing Britain to make a bigger war.  It was likely this knowledge that Hitler’s Rudolf Hess knew of how Britain backed Hitler initially, until the Rothschild’s deal put Churchill in charge of a bigger war.  Hess was kept isolated for life in a Nuremberg Prison for knowing the deals that were offered for peace with Germany that were turned down became they wanted a bigger war to devastate those that resisted the Jewish control in Government.  The ideas for the US Military Industrial Network and the Prince Bernhard’s World Corporation methods became allied to kill JFK.   The Dallas Bircher authored JFK assassination plan was executed by Foreign Interests, and since the British could not be trusted to any degree, they had to install a frame up against the British Element in case they decided to attack the Dallas planners, and attempt to gain further control over the US.  Just about everywhere one looks on the Internet these days, the British Lord Russell and the Bircher methods are being used to suppress the truth on the JFK assassination.  Their original 1963 cover-up plan is running full bore, and these cover up promoters are actually involved in Accessory to Conspiracy Murder, After the Fact, Sedition, and Treason against the People of the United States of America.

The dividing up of Germany’s booty continued in various forms well after WWII, and one of the forms was the implementation to fight off anti-Americanism and Communism in Europe using the Bilderberg Group, which formed in 1954 and included David Rockefeller.  Then a few years later in 1958 we notice that the John Birch Society pops up in the US run by Robert Welch and it being the brain child of Rockefeller and they have a similar them to run off any creeping socialist things in Government and anything remotely associated with Communist agenda.  It is no leap to connect the goals of the John Birch Society with those of the European Bilderberg Group with those of the Rockefeller interests.  These groups collectively went after Eisenhower first and he caved to most of their interests, but Eisenhower told JFK the problems he had with the Military Industrial Network.  JFK, being educated by the Fabian Society type schools in England, well knew the British exploitation history and how the Rockefeller and Bilderberg ties were strong.  JFK not only sought to correct the fascist like control of these factions in the US, he went after their games to make money off the US citizens and the art of making wars for profit using the US.  JFK was going to make global peace, with Russia, Cuba, and in Vietnam, which was the worst thing imaginable for these Globalists seeking to push World Corporatism onto the world and run over the Communist agenda around the Planet.  The JFK assassination is not that difficult to solve once the connections are made between the Bilderbergs and Prince Bernhard and then easily finding the associations with PERMINDEX and British operated killing group, with Louis Bloomfield at the helm, that worked on par with the way Hitler came to power in Germany.

What I learned about the JFK Assassination on November 22, 1963, from the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons plant, was that JFK had caught the Dallas John Birch Society types, in particular HL Hunt, interfering with Cuba using the Monkey Virus, SV-40, like pathogen game to kill Castro with Lung Cancer.  Using the biological cancer technique was more designed to keep JFK from discovering the Dallas HL Hunt gang, with Oschner’s method, killed Castro more so than to keep the Russians from finding out that Castro was Murdered, if that plan had succeeded.  This method to kill Castro with Cancer was never an official CIA project, but used some former CIA contract types to do some of the operation and make connections.  They also tapped the knowledge of Oak Ridge on radiation and cancers.  When JFK found out about the HL Hunt meddling in the Foreign Policy with a kill Castro game, he was in as much trouble as Lyndon Johnson.  So, the head of the plot to kill JFK was HL Hunt and those that conspired with the plot were persons like Hoover, Johnson, Walker, Roussellot, and many others before the game was done and many others lie dead.  PERMINDEX was the foreign interest group used to execute JFK after all the cover up interests were in hand in the US.  It was intended to be the Perfect Murder and it was because none of those involved were ever brought to justice for their conspiracy to kill JFK.  In Oak Ridge all those that played along in the plots to kill Castro and kill JFK were called “The Crooks” by the many that knew or learned about those in Oak Ridge helping with this killing plot.  One of the Oak Ridge Crooks, who knew Jack Ruby, was credited with the plan change to kill JFK and the message to switch apparently sent to Jack Ruby in Dallas to get the ball rolling against JFK. 

Their plot succeeded in killing JFK and won them many rewards; from the continuance of the Federal Reserve, lots of Drugs from IndoChina, a new war against Communism, LBJ got out of jail free, Hoover’s office space enlarged and he had a lifetime appointment to cover up those killing JFK, and the Bilderberg Fascist model used to control the US and expand their world footprint was kept masked by the huge misinformation campaigns the JBS types rigged into the assassination.  Today, Americans don’t know real Freedoms and have been enslaved to this “NWO” plan to dominate the world, and are under fascist control.  The good news is the JFK assassination was solved for you, if you read to this conclusion.  JFK’s death was more akin to the Death and Christ as killed by the Anti-Christ, as JFK’s good runs almost as important as Christ’s.  The roots of JFK’s death was really the same as the Christ’s, as the root was those following the Talmud system verses the Essene system of Christ.  Thus, the next chapter is going to be the use of nuclear weapons to stamp out the anti-Christ elements that dominate the world now, the predictions for WWIII will come into view and a massive correction toward the methods of the Essene and Christ teachings.  This war will target Israel and Britain most harshly, and the world’s response to their games of evil control will became seriously like the fires of Hell on Earth for them.  Those killing JFK set the stage for their ultimate systems demise with nuclear weapons.  Those that killed to get ahead are doomed to die via the same methods and Joseph Milteer’s prediction will become all to true.

Those who understood the association of the Castro Plot to the Doctor’s Plot of Russia know that it was intentionally associated to the Jewish Doctors, and in the Cuba plot the Alton Oschner and HL Hunt plotters had wanted to be able to blame Jewish doctors, if anything pertaining to Castro’s death was ever connected to an evil deed to murder Castro.  Of course, neither Alton Oschner, nor HL Hunt were Jewish, but that double insurance in the plot to kill Castro with Cancer would shift the blame off them, the US and the CIA, if needed.   When the kill Castro with Cancer Plot flunked, that same theme of involve the Jewish elements was naturally bred into a like plot to kill JFK.  It also meant that to solve the JFK assassination that getting into these Jewish Factors would become necessary, and they knew that had to happen in the time after they all died.  Castro’s Cuba had a few Jewish Doctors left, as most of Cuba’s Jewish population left Cuba.  In the times after JFK’s death, Castro and Cuba turned into the world’s greatest source for trained doctors and not a one of them Jewish.  They are famous around the world for turning out qualified doctors that help people and not seek a ton of money to help the sick.  In this way, they and Cuba became much like the Essene, who were known as the Healers back in the Holy Lands.  In this simple way, Castro was able to strike a blow back to the Rockefeller AMA expensive medicine groups and offer affordable medicine to millions around the world and earning the vast respect of the world in the process.  Just like a Plot for Murder She Wrote, the theme of Jewish Doctor involvement in the Castro murder plot traces a highly visible signature back to the JFK murder plot and reveals the key plotters by that consistent theme.  In the end, it was designed to get to those at the higher levels of the plot, exposing the Empire types and the Mil / Ind Network’s games for deceit and treachery to gain control over the world.  In the end, this would show the values and the proper world stewardship that the Essene Values had intended to bring Heaven Upon the Earth for all.  JFK died to set the world free from the exploitations of Empire and corrupt religion, and 50 years past, that truth comes into the proper view.



This brings to an end this installment on the JFK assassination story that involves the Central Planners and their International help.  There is more to read that tells of the fears of telling about the Oschner method of killing people with Cancer and just what the public might come to learn about the Cancer Industry, how industry and nature cause cancers, and how we know how to mediate cancer but choose not to do so.  The roots of the kill Castro with a cancer virus that used radiation’s effect on immune resistance would be far too close to the toxic metals and fluoride effects on humans that induce the same effect in the US population.  The Rockefeller AMA groups doesn’t want the public to learn these problems connected with industry, health, and death.  There is more on the Judyth Baker page at:  



There is also an Alert to become aware of Foreign Agents working various JFK Forums to mislead Americans about the British involments in the JFK assassination.  There are more details on this page:




When Good Men fail to prevent evil, the world becomes bound by lies and misinformation to sustain the Evil’s hold upon man.  In the case for America, Good Men have not stepped to the front to cast out the evil methods for control over the US.   These methods of evil and untruth exist in the Church dogma, to the US Government being dominated by extreme right capitalism.  It is to the point that telling the truth on what has happened to America is a Revolutionary Act.   When the truth is suppressed in the US to the degree that it has been for the JFK assassination, then the most attacked books are the ones most associated with the truth tellers.   For the book selections below, none are perfect on their own, yet they contribute much good information that has to be mediated and integrated with the factors everyone read in the above Perfect Murder missive.


Dare to seek the truth on the JFK assassination and support a Revolutionary Act to regain America’s Freedoms and cast out the evil exploitation seeking groups and do a greater service for the good of all persons, the world around.  For the Christian Religionists, and the Muslim Community that respect Christ as a Great Prophet, there existed a Few Good Men of an earlier period who were called the Essene and they produced the person named Jesus.  In the words of their period they forecast this time of great deceptions and the times of the anti-Christ.  They also promised a great Rapture or times of Joy, as people were told the truth as to what had come to pass.  And those truths would come to unify the world and make for a Heaven on Earth, by the Essene visions for the return of universal truth to the world.  We have had the anti-Christ in the US represented by a succession of Presidents since JFK’s time, we have the multiple wars for the Beasts of Corporate Dominated Fascism, and the End-Times have arrived.   And the bottom line is the meek shall inherit the Earth, as those seeking the truths to prevent future wars and making the times for that 1,000 years of peace.   There may come one last great war as those who practiced to deceive are unmasked, but there will be no place on Earth for them to run or avoid what is to come.


Recommended Reading:


The Book called “Dope, Inc.” by the Lyndon LaRouche Organization is excellent, but highly complicated and intense, on the British Drug operations being used against the US.   The British Oligarchy is so upset with LaRouche they have been targeting him for assassination and he has full time armed guards for safety, many trained by Mitchell Werbell.  Mitchell Werbell is very special as he worked for Batista, worked with Gerry Hemmings on the Anti-Castro training camps, and knew lots of the OSS insiders.   LaRouche was one of the first to expose the British Royalists upper echelons of the JFK assassination in Europe.  LaRouche is an interesting person and due to his security problems he came to employ an old OSS person named Mitchell Werbell from Powder Springs, Georgia.  Werbell served in the Burma campaign in WWII and was associated with persons like Orde Wingate and Louis Bloomfield.  Werbell, in protecting LaRouche, came to connect LaRouche with US intelligence agents, Spooks, that explained the inner circle Intelligence knowledge for the drug trade and its history.  Mitchell Werbell designed highly effective silencers that were used from the Dal-Tex Building in the JFK assassination, so the muzzle blasts were suppressed and only firecracker pops were heard from the super-sonic bullet going downrange.  Mitchell Werbell was close enough to the key players in the JFK assassination to know how the event occurred and showed LaRouche some guarded parts of the plot.   Due to LaRouche noting the shift of the US into a fascist controlled capitalism in the late 50’s, this group tried to make LaRouche out as a socialist, but he was no different in JFK for seeking the truth and wanting to return the US Govt.’s control to the people and not the fascist corporatists.  Mitchell Warbell was the secret to who much LaRouche was able to discover on drugs and the JFK assassination, as Warbell was seriously connected in the Intelligence Communities.  Werbell could not keep down his interests in plotting to take control of other small countries and the FBI kept breaking up his efforts, but the FBI always had to drop their charges as Warbell was a hot potato and too hot to handle due to his extensive knowledge on the JFK assassination.   Generally, on JFK discussions lists, if LaRouche is being attacked, it is because he learned way too much about the culprits of the assassination.   Likewise, these same seditionist cover up artists will attack Judyth Baker, because her story explains the Louisiana efforts, connects Oschner, and it gets too close to the Dallas HL Hunt gang.


The Book called “Final Judgment” by Michael Collins Piper is very good at getting into the PERMINDEX and Btitish Major Louis Bloomfield connections on the JFK Assassination.  Piper emphasizes the Zionist associations of Jewish Bloomfield and those similar to him in PERMINDEX operations that formed from Hungarian methods to smuggle Jewish people out of Hungary during WWII.


The Book called “Opium Lords” by Salvador Astucia  is also very good for getting into these like themes and associations.   Salvador is a Southern US person and Engineering oriented person that did a good job of ferreting out the major parts of the JFK hit.  This book brings in and emphasizes the drug angle in the plot to kill JFK.   The high level International political control for the JFK plot and the Money Pay-Off to the JFK shooters came from a Montreal Drug connected group connected with PERMINDEX/Louis Bloomfield and the Bronfman Mafia in Montreal, and with that the British and Royal European associations leading to the Prince Bernhard games for mega-capitalistic fascist control to wipe out Communism.


The Book called “Me and Lee” by Judyth Baker is excellent at detailing the real Lee Harvey Oswald and how he penetrated the Dallas Organization plan to kill JFK.  This is a bit of a love story about the dangerous and exciting times of working in a clandestine operation that went several steps beyond the Florida efforts to kill Castro.  The CIA had shut down the CIA Florida operation, but persons like Gerry Hemmings got private backing and moved the training camp to Louisiana and near swampy Lake Pontchartrain.  Here, JFK detected their planning to kill a foreign national and interference with Foreign Policy and forced J. Edgar Hoover to shut down that operation that training operation.   This forced the issue into one last attempt to make a kill Castro method using high tech medical science methods to kill Castro with a method that would not be detected by JFK or Russia.  This plot was funded, in part, by Oschner’s INCA buddies and in part via his Dallas and HL Hunt pal with Jack Ruby being the money “bag man” from Dallas to New Orleans.  It was still a pretty low budget operation, and had Lee Oswald and Judyth Baker working for Reily Coffee in New Orleans to keep a roof over their heads.  This operation was not a part of any official CIA funded operation and used some former CIA assets to attempt to kill Castro.  This was meddling in JFK’s Foreign Policy and could seriously mess up JFK’s peace planning with both Russia and Cuba.  JFK had detected this operation, like the previous one, and all the conspirators going after Castro were in big big trouble.   So, they all lined up behind HL Hunt in Texas, the richest man in the US who was in big trouble as the ringleader, to use PERMINDEX to kill JFK.   PERMINDEX was chased out of Europe, and their next center of operations became the US via Clay Shaw in New Orleans and Ferenc Nagy living right in Dallas, Texas.


A like Book called “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” by Ed Haslam is good at detailing the New Orleans planning to kill Fidel Castro.  This is the story of Mary Sherman, a top-flight cancer researcher in New Orleans who partly worked with Alton Oscher and part with Tulane University as a cancer specialist.   She provided technical direction for the clandestine Oscher plan involving David Ferrie, Lee Oswald and Judyth Baker.  The Title of the Book is about the SV-40 monkey virus that was found to be carcinogenic associated after being discovered in vaccines made in the US.  These viruses are activated in the human body via oxidative stress methods and they were going to use radiation plus a mutated cancer virus injection to covertly kill Castro by what the entire world would think was due to his smoking.


An Internet Book of sorts called “The Torbitt Document” is very close to the larger issues for the JFK assassination and it is highly attacked because it leads into PERMINDEX, Louis Bloomfield, and Prince Bernhard’s Bilderberg game.  This book takes one to the Garrison Investigation and one of the shooters admitting shooting from the Dal-Tex Building.  One also learns of the major funders of the PERMINDEX operation.   The Author, who is David Copeland, a former prosecutor tells that he gained his knowledge advantage from former SS and FBI agents that knew the inside story.   The Torbitt story isn’t 100 percent on target, but where it misses the target is generally obvious.



As a general rule, when one sees discussion groups or Forums not recognizing the importance of these various sources above, these are the seditionists trying to destroy the US and its Constitution.   These are the persons backing the cover up of the JFK assassination for Foreign Interests and working against the Freedom of the American People.  These books listed above are presented as good indicators, so that those new to the JFK assassination interests can spot the Crooks from the less informed.







Reference area:






Europe: J.F.K.: The Murder & the Myths

Friday, June 12, 1964

The most myth-filled aftermath of John F. Kennedy's assassination is the stubborn refusal of many Europeans to accept the belief that the U.S. President could have been killed by a lunatic loner. Headline after headline and book after book roll off the presses with a bewildering array of theories suggesting a deep, dark plot.

Loudest skeptics are Europe's leftists, who will not be dissuaded from their original conviction that Marxist Lee Harvey Oswald was the unwitting tool or the scapegoat of some well-oiled, darker rightist conspiracy, and then was silenced by Jack Ruby. This impression was fed by the bad assumptions made by many reporters and commentators in the first minutes after the assassination in conservative Dallas, and it has never been fully erased. "The American press," declared Italy's left-wing magazine Vie Nuove in a recent issue, "has forgotten its glorious tradition of truth and democracy, playing along with the FBI and Dallas police to incriminate Oswald . . . who has no chance to defend himself." In Britain, that sometime philosopher, Bertrand Russell, has already set up a "Who Killed Kennedy?" committee to look into the situation.

Mr. X? The doubters abroad find ammunition in the arguments of two like-minded Americans. One is Baltimore-born Thomas G. Buchanan, 44, a onetime reporter fired by the Washington Star in 1948 after he admitted membership in the Communist Party. He now lives in Paris and is the author of a widely discussed tome, Who Killed Kennedy? Buchanan suggests 1) "that the author of this crime is a millionaire of Texas, called Mr. X"; 2) that Oswald was an accomplice; but 3) that the shooting was done not by Oswald but by two triggermen, one from the Texas School Book Depository building and one stationed on an overpass ahead. Buchanan's book is being published in eight European countries, already is a bestseller.

Rivaling Buchanan for attention is Oswald's posthumous defender, windmill-tilting Manhattan Attorney Mark

Lane, who has been stumping the Continent with denials that Oswald was the assassin. Both Buchanan and Lane have received smash play in the Eastern European press, whose line has always been that Kennedy was the victim of a three-way conspiracy among Southern racists, Pentagon generals, and the nasty CIA. Two months ago, Lane, addressing the Communist-front International Association of Democratic Jurists in Budapest, declared that the killer or killers, whom he has described as "motivated by diseased minds," are "still running loose."

It Sells. Europe's anti-leftists have their own theories about a plot. They find support in another book, The Red Roses of Dallas,* published in France by a correspondent for European publications, Nerin Gun, who covered the assassination. Newsman Gun hints strongly that it is possible that Oswald killed Kennedy out of admiration for Castro—a theory that still lingers in the minds of some U.S. Government officials who cannot fully shake off the suspicion that Oswald was acting for Castro.

The average European by no means swallows every far-out theory, but their own intrigue-steeped national histories make it easy for millions to doubt that Oswald did it alone. In Italy, where Julius Caesar got his and where Machiavelli elevated plotting to respectability, the only question is when the conspirators will be unmasked. Among Frenchmen, who have long had a penchant for ideological crime, the rumors went back to last year's arrest of Yale Professor Frederick Barghoorn in the Soviet Union on spy charges. According to this account, the CIA had solemnly denied to Kennedy that Barghoorn was a CIA agent, but when the professor returned he told the President that he had indeed been spying for the CIA. Angered, Kennedy threatened a wholesale shake-up of the intelligence agency. Later the CIA got wind of the plot against Kennedy—but did not warn him because the agency wanted to eliminate what it feared to be a threat to its own existence.

There are other factors behind Europe's prolonged suspicion. It is regularly fanned by the Continent's press, because the Kennedy story is a sure-fire newsstand seller. Europeans are also confused at the welter oft-conflicting reports that have emanated from the investigation.

Last week word leaked from the Warren Commission that its report would spike each of the overseas theses and endorse with few changes the FBI's original version that Oswald killed alone. However, this is hardly likely to end the myth-making in Europe. Asked a suspicious Frenchman last week: "Will the commission have the right to publish its real conclusions?"

Named for the bouquet Jackie Kennedy carried in the fatal Dallas parade.


16 Questions on the Assassination

By Bertrand Russell
The Minority of One
, 6 September 1964, pp. 6-8.

    The official version of the assassination of President Kennedy has been so riddled with contradictions that it is been abandoned and rewritten no less than three times. Blatant fabrications have received very widespread coverage by the mass media, but denials of these same lies have gone unpublished. Photographs, evidence and affidavits have been doctored out of recognition. Some of the most important aspects of the case against Lee Harvey Oswald have been completely blacked out. Meanwhile, the F.B.I., the police and the Secret Service have tried to silence key witnesses or instruct them what evidence to give. Others involved have disappeared or died in extraordinary circumstances.
    It is facts such as these that demand attention, and which the Warren Commission should have regarded as vital. Although I am writing before the publication of the Warren Commission’s report, leaks to the press have made much of its contents predictable. Because of the high office of its members and the fact of its establishment by President Johnson, the Commission has been widely regarded as a body of holy men appointed to pronounce the truth. An impartial examination of the composition and conduct of the Commission suggests quite otherwise.
    The Warren Commission has been utterly unrepresentative of the American people. It consisted of two Democrats, Senator Russell of Georgia and Congressman Boggs of Louisiana, both of whose racist views have brought shame on the United States; two Republicans, Senator Cooper of Kentucky and Congressman Gerald R. Ford of Michigan, the latter of whom is a leader of his local Goldwater movement and an associate of the F.B.I.; Allen Dulles, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Mr. McCloy, who has been referred to as the spokesman for the business community. Leadership of the filibuster in the Senate against the Civil Rights Bill prevented Senator Russell from attending hearings during the period. The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Earl Warren, who rightly commands respect, was finally persuaded, much against his will, to preside over the Commission, and it was his involvement above all else that helped lend the Commission an aura of legality and authority. Yet many of its members were also members of those very groups which have done so much to distort and suppress the facts about the assassination. Because of their connection with the Government, not one member would have been permitted under U.S. law to serve on a jury had Oswald faced trial. It is small wonder that the Chief Justice himself remarked that the release of some of the Commission’s information “might not be in your lifetime” Here, then, is my first question: Why were all the members of the Warren Commission closely connected with the U.S. Government?
    If the composition of the Commission was suspect, its conduct confirmed one’s worst fears. No counsel was permitted to act for Oswald, so that cross-examination was barred. Later, under pressure, the Commission appointed the President of the American Bar Association, Walter Craig, one of the supporters of the Goldwater movement in Arizona, to represent Oswald. To my knowledge, he did not attend hearings, but satisfied himself with representation by observers.
    In the name of national security, the Commission’s hearings were held in secret, thereby continuing the policy which has marked the entire course of the case. This prompts my second question: If, as we are told, Oswald was the lone assassin, where is the issue of national security? Indeed, precisely the same question must be put here as was posed in France during the Dreyfus case: If the Government is so certain of its case, why has it conducted all its inquiries in the strictest secrecy?


    At the outset the Commission appointed six panels through which it would conduct its enquiry. They considered: (1) What did Oswald do on November 22, 1963? (2) What was Oswald’s background? (3) What did Oswald do in the U.S. Marine Corps, and in the Soviet Union? (4) How did Ruby kill Oswald? (5) What is Ruby’s background? (6) What efforts were taken to protect the President on November 22? This raises my fourth question: Why did the Warren Commission not establish a panel to deal with the question of who killed President Kennedy?
    All the evidence given to the Commission has been classified “Top Secret,” including even a request that hearings be held in public. Despite this the Commission itself leaked much of the evidence to the press, though only if the evidence  tended to prove Oswald the lone assassin. Thus, Chief Justice Warren held a press conference after Oswald’s wife, Marina, had testified. He said, that she believed her husband was the assassin. Before Oswald’s brother Robert testified, he gained the Commission’s agreement not to comment on what he said. After he had testified for two days, the newspapers were full of stories that “a member of the Commission” had told the press that Robert Oswald had just testified that he believed that his brother was an agent of the Soviet Union. Robert Oswald was outraged by this, and he said that he could not remain silent while lies were told about his testimony. He had never said this and he had never believed it. All that he had told the Commission was that he believed his brother was innocent and was in no way involved in the assassination.
    The methods adopted by the Commission have indeed been deplorable, but it is important to challenge the entire role of the Warren Commission. It stated that it would not conduct its own investigation, but rely instead on the existing governmental agencies—the F.B.I., the Secret Service and the Dallas police. Confidence in the Warren Commission thus presupposes confidence in these three institutions. Why have so many liberals abandoned their own responsibility to a Commission whose circumstances they refuse to examine?
    It is known that the strictest and most elaborate security precautions ever taken for a President of the United States were ordered for November 22 in Dallas. The city had a reputation for violence and was the home of some of the most extreme right-wing fanatics in America. Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Johnson had been assailed there in 1960 when he was a candidate for the Vice-Presidency. Adlai Stevenson had been physically attacked when he spoke in the city only a month before Kennedy’s visit. On the morning of November 22, the Dallas Morning News carried a full-page advertisement associating the President with Communism. The city was covered with posters showing the President’s picture and headed “Wanted for Treason.” The Dallas list of subversives comprised 23 names, of which Oswald’s was the first. All of them were followed that day, except Oswald. Why did the authorities follow many persons as potential assassins and fail to observe Oswald’s entry into the book depository building while allegedly carrying a rifle over three feet long?
    The President’s route for his drive through Dallas was widely known and was printed in the Dallas Morning News on November 22. At the last minute the Secret Service changed a small part of their plans so that the President left Main Street and turned into Houston and Elm Streets. This alteration took the President past the book depository building from which it is alleged that Oswald shot him. How Oswald is supposed to have known of this change has never been explained. Why was the President’s route changed at the last minute to take him past Oswald’s place of work?
    After the assassination and Oswald’s arrest, judgment was pronounced swiftly: Oswald was the assassin, and he had acted alone. No attempt was made to arrest others, no road blocks were set up round the area, and every piece of evidence which tended to incriminate Oswald was announced to the press by the Dallas District Attorney, Mr. Wade. In such a way millions of people were prejudiced against Oswald before there was any opportunity for him to be brought to trial. The first theory announced by the authorities was that the President’s car was in Houston Street, approaching the book depository building, when Oswald opened fire. When available photographs and eyewitnesses had shown this to be quite untrue, the theory was abandoned and a new one formulated which placed the vehicle in its correct position. Meanwhile, however, D.A. Wade had announced that three days after Oswald’s room in Dallas had been searched, a map had been found there on which the book depository building had been circled and dotted lines drawn from the building to a vehicle on Houston Street, showing the alleged bullet trajectory had been planned in advance. After the first theory was proved false, the Associated Press put out the following story on November 27: “Dallas authorities announced today that there never was a map.”
    The second theory correctly placed the President’s car on Elm Street, 50 to 75 yards past the book depository, but had to contend with the difficulty that the President was shot from the front, in the throat. How did Oswald manage to shoot the President in the front from behind? The F.B.I. held a series of background briefing sessions for Life magazine, which in its issue of December 6 explained that the President had turned completely round just at the time he was shot. This too, was soon shown to be entirely false. It was denied by several witnesses and films, and the previous issue of Life itself had shown the President looking forward as he was hit. Theory number two was abandoned.
    In order to retain the basis of all official thinking, that Oswald was the lone assassin, it now became necessary to construct a third theory with the medical evidence altered to fit it. For the first month no Secret Service agent had ever spoken to the three doctors who had tried to save Kennedy’s life in the Parkland Memorial Hospital. Now two agents spent three hours with the doctors and persuaded them that they were all misinformed: the entrance wound in the President’s throat had been an exit wound, and the bullet had not ranged down towards the lungs. Asked by the press how they could have been so mistaken, Dr. McClelland advanced two reasons: they had not seen the autopsy report—and they had not known that Oswald was behind the President! The autopsy report, they had been told by the Secret Service, showed that Kennedy had been shot from behind. The agents, however, had refused to show the report to the doctors, who were entirely dependent on the word of the Secret Service for this suggestion. The doctors made it clear that they were not permitted to discuss the case. The third theory, with the medical evidence rewritten, remains the basis of the case against Oswald at this moment. Why has the medical evidence concerning the President’s death been altered out of recognition?


    Although Oswald is alleged to have shot the President from behind, there are many witnesses who are confident that the shots came from the front. Among them are two reporters from the Forth Worth Star Telegram, four from the Dallas Morning News, and two people who were standing in front of the book depository building itself, the director of the book depository and the vice-president of the firm. It appears that only two people immediately entered the building: the director, Mr. Roy S. Truly, and a Dallas police officer, Seymour Weitzman. Both thought that the shots had come from in front of the President’s vehicle. On first running in that direction, Weitzman was informed by “someone” that he thought the shots had come from the building, so he rushed back there. Truly entered with him in order to assist with his knowledge of the building. Mr. Jesse Curry, the Chief of Police in Dallas, has stated that he was immediately convinced that the shots came from the building. If anyone else believes this, he has been reluctant to say so to date. It is also known that the first bulletin to go out on Dallas police radios stated that “the shots came from a triple overpass in front of the presidential automobile.” In addition, there is the consideration that after the first shot the vehicle was brought almost to a halt by the trained Secret Service driver, an unlikely response if the shots had indeed come from behind. Certainly Mr. Roy Kellerman, who was in charge of the Secret Service operation in Dallas that day, and travelled in the presidential car, looked to the front as the shots were fired. The Secret Service has had all the evidence removed from the car, so it is no longer possible to examine it. What is the evidence to substantiate the allegation that the President was shot from behind?
    Photographs taken at the scene of the crime could be most helpful. One young lady standing just to the left of the presidential car as the shots were fired took photographs of the vehicle just before and during the shooting, and was thus able to get into her picture the entire front of the book depository building. Two F.B.I. agents immediately took the film which she took. Why has the F.B.I. refused to publish what could be the most reliable piece of evidence in the whole case?
    In this connection it is noteworthy also that it is impossible to obtain the originals of photographs bearing upon the case. When Time magazine published a photograph of Oswald’s arrest—the only one ever seen—the entire background was blacked out for reasons which have never been explained. It is difficult to recall an occasion for so much falsification of photographs as has happened in the Oswald case.
    The affidavit by Police Office Weitzman, who entered the book depository building, stated that he found the alleged murder rifle on the sixth floor. (It was first announced that the rifle had been found on the fifth floor, but this was soon altered.) It was a German 7.65 mm. Mauser. Late the following day, the F.B.I. issued its first proclamation. Oswald had purchased in March 1963 an Italian 6.5 mm. Mannlicher-Carcano. D.A. Wade immediately altered the nationality and size of the weapon to conform to the F.B.I. statement.
    Several photographs have been published of the alleged murder weapon. On February 21, Life magazine carried on its cover a picture of “Lee Oswald with the weapons he used to kill President Kennedy and Officer Tippitt [sic].” On page 80, Life explained that the photograph was taken during March or April of 1963. According to the F.B.I., Oswald purchased his pistol in September 1963. The New York Times carried a picture of the alleged murder weapon being taken by police into the Dallas police station. The rifle is quite different. Experts have stated that no rifle resembling the one in the Life picture has even been manufactured. The New York Times also carried the same photograph as Life, but left out the telescopic sights. On March 2, Newsweek used the same photograph but painted in an entirely new rifle. Then on April 13 the Latin American edition of Life carried the same picture on its cover as the U.S. edition had on February 21, but in the same issue on page 18 it had the same picture with the rifle altered. How is it that millions of people have been misled by complete forgeries in the press?
    The authorities interrogated Oswald for nearly 48 hours without allowing him to contact a lawyer, despite his repeated requests to do so. The director of the F.B.I. in Dallas was a man with considerable experience. American Civil Liberties Union lawyers were in Dallas requesting to see Oswald and were not allowed to do so. By interrogating Oswald for 48 hours without access to lawyers, the F.B.I. created conditions which made a trial of Oswald more difficult. A confession or evidence obtained from a man held 48 hours in custody is likely to be inadmissible in a U.S. court of law. The F.B.I. director conducted his interrogation in a manner which made the use of material secured in such a fashion worthless to him. This raises the question of whether he expected the trial to take place.
    Another falsehood concerning the shooting was a story circulated by the Associated Press on November 23 from Los Angeles. This reported Oswald’s former superior officer in the Marine Corps as saying that Oswald was a crack shot and a hot-head. The story was published widely. Three hours later AP sent out a correction deleting the entire story from Los Angeles. The officer had checked his records and it had turned out that he was talking about another man. He had never known Oswald. To my knowledge the correction has yet to be published by a single major publication.
    The Dallas police took a paraffin test on Oswald’s face and hands to try to establish that he had fired a weapon on November 22. The Chief of the Dallas Police, Jesse Curry, announced on November 23 that the result of the test “proves Oswald is the assassin.” The Director of the F.B.I. in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in charge of the investigation stated: “I have seen the paraffin test. The paraffin test proves that Oswald had nitrates and gunpowder on his hands and face. It proves he fired a rifle on November 22.” Not only does this unreliable test not prove any such thing, it was later discovered that the test on Oswald’s face was in fact negative, suggesting that it was unlikely he fired a rifle that day. Why was the result of the paraffin test altered before being announced by the authorities?


    Oswald, it will be recalled, was originally arrested and charged with the murder of Patrolman Tippitt [sic]. Tippitt was killed at 1:06 p.m. on November 22 by a man who first engaged him in conversation, then caused him to get out of the stationary police car in which he was sitting and shot him with a pistol Miss Helen L. Markham, who states that she is the sole eye-witness to this crime, gave the Dallas police a description of the assailant. After signing her affidavit, she was instructed by the F.B.I., the Secret Service and many police officers that she was not permitted to discuss the case with anyone. The affidavit’s only description of the killer was that he was a “young white man.” Miss Markham later revealed that the killer had run right up to her and past her, brandishing the pistol, and she repeated the description of the murderer which she had given to the police. He was, she said, “short, a little heavy, and had somewhat bushy hair.” (The police description of Oswald was that he was of average height, or a little taller, was slim and had receding fair hair.) Miss Markham’s affidavit is the entire case against Oswald for the murder of Patrolman Tippitt, yet District Attorney Wade asserted: “We have more evidence to prove Oswald killed Tippit than we have to show he killed the President.” The case against Oswald for the murder of Tippitt, he continued, was an absolutely strong case. Why was the only description of Tippitt’s killer deliberately omitted by the police from the affidavit of the sole eye-witness?
    Oswald’s description was broadcast by the Dallas police only 12 minutes after the President was shot. This raises one of the most extraordinary questions ever posed in a murder case: Why was Oswald’s description in connection with the murder of Patrolman Tippitt broadcast over Dallas police radio at 12:43 p.m. on November 22, when Tippitt was not shot until 1:06 p.m.?
    According to Mr. Bob Considine, writing in the New York Journal American, there had been another person who had heard the shots that were fired at Tippitt. Warren Reynolds had heard shooting in the street from a nearby room and had rushed to the window to see the murderer run off. Reynolds himself was later shot through the head by a rifleman. A man was arrested for this crime but produced an alibi. His girl-friend, Betty Mooney McDonald, told the police she had been with him at the time Reynolds was shot, according to Mr. Considine. The Dallas police immediately dropped the charges, even before Reynolds had time to recover consciousness, and attempt to identify his assailant. The man at once disappeared, and two days later the police arrested Betty Mooney McDonald on a minor charge and it was announced that she had hanged herself in the police cell. She had been a striptease artist in Jack Ruby’s nightclub, according to Mr. Considine.
    Another witness to receive extraordinary treatment in the Oswald case was his wife, Marina. She was taken to the jail while her husband was still alive and shown a rifle by Chief of Police Jesse Curry. Asked if it were Oswald’s, she replied that she believed Oswald had a rifle but that it didn’t look like that. She and her mother-in-law were in great danger following the assassination because of the threat of public revenge on them. At this time they were unable to obtain a single police officer to protect them. Immediately after Oswald was killed, however, the Secret service illegally held both women against their will. After three days they were separated and Marina has never again been accessible to the public. Held in custody for nine weeks and questioned almost daily by the F.B.I. and Secret Service, she finally testified to the Warren Commission and, according to Earl Warren, said that she believed her husband was the assassin. The Chief Justice added that the next day they intended to show Mrs. Oswald the murder weapon and the Commission was fairly confident that she would identify it as her husband’s. The following day it was announced that this had indeed happened. Mrs. Oswald, we are informed, is still in the custody of the Secret Service. To isolate a witness for nine weeks and to subject her to repeated questioning by the Secret Service in this manner is reminiscent of police behavior in other countries, where it is called brainwashing. The only witness produced to show that Oswald carried a rifle before the assassination stated that he saw a brown paper parcel about two feet long in the back seat of Oswald’s car. The rifle which the police “produced” was almost 3 feet long. How was it possible for Earl Warren to forecast that Marina Oswald’s evidence would be exactly the reverse of what she had previously testified?
    After Ruby had killed Oswald, D.A. Wade made a statement about Oswald’s movements following the assassination. He explained that Oswald had taken a bus, but he described the point at which Oswald had entered the vehicle as seven blocks away from the point located by the bus driver in his affidavit. Oswald, Wade continued, then took a taxi driven by a Daryll Click, who had signed an affidavit. An inquiry at the City Transportation Company revealed that no such taxi driver had ever existed in Dallas. Presented with this evidence, Wade altered the driver’s name to William Whaley. The driver’s log book showed that a man answering Oswald’s description had been picked up at 12:30. The President was shot at 12:31. D.A. Wade made no mention of this. Wade has been D.A. in Dallas for 14 years and before that was an F.B.I. agent. How does a District Attorney of Wade’s great experience account for all the extraordinary changes in evidence and testimony which he has announced during the Oswald case?
    These are only a few of the questions raised by the official versions of the assassination and by the way in which the entire case against Oswald has been conducted. Sixteen questions are no substitute for a full examination of all the factors in this case, but I hope that they indicate the importance of such an investigation. I am indebted to Mr. Mark Lane, the New York criminal lawyer who was appointed counsel for Oswald by his mother, for much of the information in this article. Mr. Lane’s enquiries, which are continuing, deserve widespread support. A Citizen’s Committee of Inquiry has been established in New York, at Room 422, 156 Fifth Avenue, New York. N.Y. (telephone YU9-6850) for such a purpose, and comparable committees are being set up in Europe.
    In Britain, I invited people eminent in the intellectual life of the country to join a “Who Killed Kennedy Committee,” which at the moment of writing consists of the following people: Mr. John Arden, playwright; Mrs. Carolyn Wedgwood Benn, from Cincinnati, wife of Anthony Wedgwood Benn, M.P.; Lord Boyd-Orr, former director-general of the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization and a Nobel Peace Prize winner; Mr. John Calder, publisher; Professor William Empsom, Professor of English Literature at Sheffield University; Mr. Victor Golancz, publisher; Mr. Michael Foot, Member of Parliament; Mr. Kingsley Martin, former editor of the New Statesman; Sir Compton Mackenzie, writer; Mr. J.B. Priestley, playwright and author; Sir Herbert Read, art critic; Mr. Tony Richardson, film director; Dr. Mervyn Stockwood, Bishop of Southwark; Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper, Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford University; Mr. Kenneth Tynan, Literary Manager of the National Theatre; and myself.
    We view the problem with the utmost seriousness. U.S. Embassies have long ago reported to Washington world-wide disbelief in the official charges against Oswald, but this has scarcely been reflected by the American press. No U.S. television program or mass circulation newspaper has challenged the permanent basis of all the allegations—that Oswald was the assassin, and that he acted alone. It is a task which is left to the American people.



Perhaps this should be called a Blue Book that seeks the light of day, with all the clouds pushed away, clearly exposing the corruption that stole American's Freedom:

So, I think Many Persons may have noticed that the "Spoils of War" from Germany had an immense impact on the US Intelligence Services. The US bankers got some stashed Hitler Money (Dulles / Rockefeller), the military got Jet Engines, Flying Wing, Lenticular aircraft, Nuclear Technology, and the Intelligence people got massive corperatism or IG Farben Fascism to shelter billionairs money and control over America. What Hoover started was what would come to be called the "Military / Industrial Network" as its operators and followers chewed into Eisenhower in the Mid-50's as Russia's Post-Stalin Khruschev was seeking better associations with the West, meaning the US. Hoover insisted the OSS be disbanded and Hoover essentially started the CIA via that insistance, and the "Mil / Ind Network".

This control of the US for wars started with the Federal Reserve and the Federal Income Tax, as the Royalist bankers controlled US President Wilson. This process of taking control of the US Politics got a lot worse when LBJ was elected to Congress and the Texans bullied their way into major Congressional Panels. LBJ was into taking pay-offs for services to get Texas contracts of all sorts. Some of those methods were about to get him tossed in jail. LBJ became good buddies with persons like Clint Merchison and HL Hunt, and his neighbor in DC Hoover also got into the same circles. Hoover also started taking bribes and pay-offs from Merchison and Hunt. LBJ and Hoover were tight with the mouth-pieces for the Mil / Ind Network. This system could not let the US lapse into not making war for their expansinism and paranoia that other's might take their control.

The mouthpiece for the Mil / Ind Network became largely the JBS formed by Robert Welch and funded by Rockefeller (Standard Oil). The JBS also had close associations with the "Mormons" or "LDS" (Latter-Day-Saints) and their concepts for "Danists", which would rise up to protect "The Constitution". Unfortunately, these overzealous anti-communists, drunk on their NAZI leadership's power and wealth, brought the US into Fascism and Corperate Oligachy mixed with Royalist's Impearlism. Put Simply, America isn't Free and it is highly controlled. The mechanism "The Constitution" put into place for "WE The People" has been compromised and taken over by corperate wealth's controllers.

The CIA pulled in lots of Ex-NAZIs to pick their brains and continue to harvest their technology ideas to make profits for US Corperate holders. They also brought in the concept of Fluoridation to keep the America Public dumb and pliable over the Fascist control that was about to slowly consume them. Hoover put in UK Intelligence and Zionist Louis Bloomfield to keep an eye on the NAZI components in the CIA and in the military network for rockets. Louis Bloomfield also was a key player in PERMINDEX, which was the UK's version of IG Farben's corperate spy network. JFK would get stuck between these two factions, one side out to set up the other to gain mutual gain in the death of JFK and conversion from Peace to anti-Communist War supportive LBJ.

Somewhat like the formation of the CIA, as the OSS was disbhanded, the Corperate Defender system in Europe, hidden under the idea of International Trade Marts, became PERMINDEX. PERMINDEX was a system that also thought the IG Farben Corperate models were desirable to support maintaining the wealth and position of Royalists Wealth. Their version of "Permanent Industrial Exposition" mean't they had people killed that interferred with their fascist Industry Corperate goals for their NWO money control design. They protected the Monarchists power and control, their Zionist intent, expansion of that economic system, and NWO design. When Hoover plugged PERMINDEX's Bloomfield into the DISC and DIV V equation, Hoover installed a connection for a non-domestic Intelligence Unit that specialized in killing people that went against their fascist corperate ambitions.

These elements of extreme corperatism claimed to protect America and Americans, claimed benevolent purpose, when all they did was enrich themselves, make themselves into an oligarchic system of power, reinvented Fascism, and now basically destroyed the concepts of the US Constitution. They followed the Royalist's religion designs to lord over the peoples of the world, acting as tyrants of old, herding them as dumb sheep.

JFK saw all these issues and intended on curbing their grip of evil power upon the US, ending their endless needs for wars, making Peace Upon the Earth, and restoring the intentions of the founding fathers that wrote The Constitution for We The People.





The Largest Empire In the History of the World

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Printed in The American Almanac, August 25, 1997.

"Before she set out on her Diamond Jubilee procession, on the morning of 22 June 1897, Queen Victoria of England went to the telegraph-room at Buckingham Palace.... It was a few minutes after eleven o'clock. She pressed an electric button, an impulse was transmitted to the Central Telegraph Office in St. Martin's le Grand; in a matter of seconds, her Jubilee message was on its way to every corner of her Empire. It was the largest Empire in the history of the world, comprising nearly a quarter of the land mass of the earth, and a quarter of its population. Victoria herself was a Queen-Empress of such aged majesty that some of her simpler subjects considered her divine, and slaughtered propitiatory goats before her image.''
--James Morris, in Pax Britannica (London: The Folio Society: 1992)

In the minds of the political, industrial, and intellectual elites of the overwhelming majority of nations of the world today, there exists a deadly dangerous myth: that the British Empire has disappeared from the face of the Earth; and that Great Britain, the United Kingdom, is of little consequence in world affairs.

According to this fairy tale, Britain's royal family is a powerless relic of days gone by, collecting its modest pension, fulfilling its ceremonial obligations, and, perhaps, drawing in a few tourist dollars, to justify its upkeep. In the extreme version of this Big Lie, today's Britain is cast in the role of a benign force in world affairs, a ``friend of the downtrodden,'' and ``diligent defender of human rights.''

Even the recent, shameless public displays of marital infidelities by Queen Elizabeth II's ``Baby Boomer'' offspring, and the voluminous ``soap opera'' news coverage that they have generated, have only added to this mis-evaluation. (When dealing with hereditary monarchies, decadence can never be reliably used as an indicator of decline. Rather, it must be understood as a way of life. See, for example, 18th Century British intelligence figure Jeremy Bentham's ``In Defense of Pederasty,'' the companion piece to his more widely known ``In Defense of Usury.'' These two documents convey an efficient definition of the monarchical-oligarchical outlook.)

In the minds of many leading world figures, including in Russia, the ``enemy image'' of the British Empire of old, has been replaced by that of a modern ``imperial power,'' the United States of America.

The authorship of both of these complementary hoaxes--the demise of the British Empire, and its replacement by the U.S.A. as the new ``Great Satan''--is traceable to Britain's own vast propaganda and intelligence apparatus, associated with such institutions as British Broadcasting Corp., Reuters News Service, the Hollinger Corp., the Tavistock Institute, the Mont Pelerin Society, Oxford and Cambridge universities, the British Commonwealth, and His Royal Highness Prince Philip's World Wildlife Fund. With the recent enthusiastic revival of the century-old Anglo-French Entente Cordiale, French intelligence agents and propagandists have joined in the America-trashing campaign, especially inside Russia.

From Khartoum, to Moscow, to Buenos Aires, among policymakers and culture-shapers, this British-orchestrated game of historical revisionism has taken deep root. Its disorienting effect has opened the door to possibly grave and irreversible policy blunders.

Hence, this EIR strategic study.

Strategic Importance of Debunking the Myth

If the human race is to survive the coming global financial and monetary blowout, without going through a protracted New Dark Age, in which billions needlessly die, it will be necessary for the United States, Russia, and China--as the three great world powers today--to revive the World War II alliance against the British Empire, which was the cornerstone of the late U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's post-colonial strategic vision.

The first order of business of such a revived ``FDR Coalition,'' is to dump the International Monetary Fund (IMF) system and organize a new set of global financial and monetary agreements, based on sound principles of national banking and scientific and technological progress. These principles formed the basis for the U.S. Constitution and what came to be known, during the nineteenth century, as the American System of Political Economy.

Although neither Russia nor China ever achieved the full status of nation-statehood, there are powerful forces inside both countries today, that aspire to such a circumstance. They are potential natural allies of the United States in an anti-world government, anti-British Empire, anti-IMF concert.

To achieve that goal, the circumstances of the collapse of that Roosevelt policy must be grasped.

With the untimely death of FDR on April 12, 1945, a great moment found a little man, FDR's successor and Winston Churchill's willing dupe, Harry S Truman. Truman succumbed to Sir Winston's vision of a postwar Anglo-American strategic partnership--the proverbial ``British brains,'' joined with ``American brawn.'' He approved the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even though the Japanese emperor had sent clear signals (via the Vatican and certain reliable U.S. Office of Strategic Services personnel) that Japan was prepared to surrender, and even though American military strategists were aware that Japan had already been effectively defeated, largely through the effects of a successful U.S. naval embargo.

With Churchill's 1947 ``Iron Curtain'' speech in Fulton, Missouri, the last prospects of Russian-American and Sino-American cooperation were scotched, and the Cold War was on.

Under Cold War conditions, and, as the result of the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Lord Bertrand Russell's scheme for using thermonuclear terror (``mutually assured destruction,'' or MAD) as a battering ram against the nation-state, and as a weapon for forging a one-world government, under United Nations rubric, proceeded apace.

At only one point during the Cold War era, during the John F. Kennedy Presidency, was there a glimmer of hope of the United States breaking from the Russellite paradigm. Twenty years before Ronald Reagan, President Kennedy invoked the idea of ``peace through strength'' and strategic defense, launched the Apollo program to put a man on the Moon, and revived facets of the American System of Political Economy, through investment tax credits, and the printing of U.S. Treasury bills, the first step in a move that, had he lived, would have likely led to a severe curtailment of the independent power of the Federal Reserve System. Kennedy paid with his life for this break with Britain and with the Russellite one-world empire. Lord Russell and British intelligence figure Sir Hugh Trevor-Roper, in 1964, launched the ``British Who Killed Kennedy Committee,'' the first ``critique'' of the Warren Commission report, to ensure that London's hand in the JFK murder and coverup was never exposed.

With a very few exceptions, the United States, and the world, have been in an accelerated economic and cultural decline ever since the Kennedy assassination.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, bringing to an end the Cold War, defined a moment of great opportunity. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and her obedient lap-dog, U.S. President George Bush, instead accelerated the drive to implement Lord Russell's ``world government,'' calling it ``the new world order.'' They set about imposing, upon the states of the former Warsaw Pact, IMF conditionalities, as harsh as those which spread genocide in Africa, Asia, and Ibero-America over the previous 15 years. With the 1991 ``coalition'' war against Iraq, the precedent was set for the final implementation of the new empire.

These plans were disrupted, however, with the 1992 election of William Jefferson Clinton as President of the United States. President Clinton, with some institutional backing, has broken the Anglo-American ``special relationship,'' and gotten into what Lyndon LaRouche has described as ``a war and a half'' with the British....

The first step is to bust up the prevailing mythology that the British Empire is a thing of the past.

Alive and prospering

The British Empire is very much alive and well today. Behind closed doors at such locations as Chatham House, the London headquarters of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), blueprints for the consolidation of one-world empire, drawing upon the resources of the British Commonwealth and the United Nations Organization (UNO), have already been drawn up, and construction is under way.

The fact that the most powerful nations on Earth (not including the British Empire, which is not a nation)--the United States; a temporarily impaired, but thermonuclear-armed Russia; and China--have, so far, stood impotent in the face of IMF diktats, and made no effort to prevent the formation of the World Trade Organization, the ``third leg'' of the United Nations world financial dictatorship, illustrates the extent to which supranational world government is already a reality.

The United Kingdom itself has very little to do with the new British Empire. England, Scotland, Wales, and, especially, Northern Ireland, are today little more than slave plantations and social engineering laboratories, serving the needs of a collection of families, numbering no more than 3,000-5,000 people, who live and work in and around the City of London, a one-mile-square financial and corporate district, which represents the greatest concentration of financial power ever assembled in one location.

These families constitute a financier oligarchy; they are the power behind the Windsor throne. They view themselves as the heirs to the Venetian oligarchy, which infiltrated and subverted England from the period 1509-1715, and established a new, more virulent, Anglo-Dutch-Swiss strain of the oligarchic system of imperial Babylon, Persia, Rome, and Byzantium.

Among their own ranks, these financier oligarchs refer to themselves as the Club of the Isles, after the original ``Prince of the Isles,'' Edward Albert (King Edward VII), the son of Queen Victoria, who orchestrated the Crimean War, the Opium Wars, the Russo-Japanese War, and World War I, to consolidate Britain as the primus inter pares (first among equals) of the European monarchies and feudal families. The Club of the Isles, under the direction of the British monarchy, draws in resources and personalities from the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Italy, and orchestrates the actions of a caste of terminally Anglophilic Americans, typified by Henry Kissinger and former President George Bush.

To begin to understand the breadth and scope of the British Empire today, it is necessary to look first at the British Commonwealth, as the Club of the Isles is itself looking at it.

In 1995, the RIIA published Discussion Paper 60, by Katharine West, titled ``Economic Opportunities for Britain and the Commonwealth.'' West, an Australian professor and business consultant on retainer with Chatham House, made a compelling case, that the 52 nations that comprise the British Commonwealth have the potential to dominate every regional economic bloc in the world, from the Group of 77, to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), to the Organization of African Unity (OAU), to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and, even the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The Commonwealth, which includes one of every three nations on this planet, comprises the largest single voting bloc in the UN General Assembly, making the Warsaw Pact at the height of Soviet Russian power, pale by comparison (see Figure 1).

The City of London dominates the world's speculative markets (see (Table 1). A tightly interlocking group of corporations, involved in raw materials extraction, finance, insurance, transportation, and food production, controls the lion's share of the world market, and exerts virtual ``choke point'' control over world industry.

In a recent column in the Club of the Isles' flagship publication, the London Times, Washington, D.C. Sunday Times bureau chief James Adams candidly admitted that the banking houses in the City of London are now laundering $400 billion per annum in illegal narcotics profits. The British Commonwealth subsumes many of the world's most notorious flight-capital and hot-money havens. The Mont Pelerin Society, the radical-free market secret organization founded in 1947 by Friedrich von Hayek, and patronized today by Prince Philip, maintains the most accurate accounting ledgers on the world's underground economy. How is that possible? Because the Club of the Isles, since the era of the Opium Wars against China, and the escapades of Lord Palmerston's personal agent Giuseppe Mazzini in the last century, has been the leading sponsor and controller of global organized crime.

The importance of Club of the Isles control over organized crime cannot be understated. Lord William Rees-Mogg, a life peer in the House of Lords, a former editor-in-chief of the London Times, and British intelligence's current chief case officer for the propaganda war against U.S. President Clinton, has written recently that the world is moving into a post-industrial ``Third Wave'' paradigm, which will see the erosion of nation-states, and their replacement by a form of one-world ``electronic feudalism.'' In Rees-Mogg's Brave New World, only 5% of the population, the ``cognitive elite'' or what he calls the ``Brain Lords,'' will prosper and enjoy the fruits of modern technology. The vast majority of peoples of the world are doomed to a life of misery.

To prevent social unrest under these brutal conditions, the British financier oligarchy has gone to great lengths, since the Kennedy assassination, to foster a drug-rock-sex counterculture, that creates, in the words of Aldous Huxley, as ``a concentration camp of the mind.'' From the ranks of that counterculture, Prince Philip, his World Wildlife Fund, and its ``1,001 Club'' adjunct, have recruited a radical environmentalist movement, a neo-pagan gang like the Hitler Youth of the 1920s.

To achieve world empire, as Prince Philip has admitted, 80% of the world population must be eliminated within two generations. Over 4 billion people are to die to realize the Windsor/Club of the Isles New Dark Age!

Treat this report as a combat manual for a war against the British Empire. The survival of all nations, and billions of human beings, depends on victory over this new empire, and that victory begins with knowledge of the nature of the enemy.




The British have never been fully trusted because of their attempts to take over the US from the methods of banking, to invasions, to burn down the White House, to threats to invade the US during the Civil War that required Russian Czar Alexander to send warships to the US’s defense, to their direct involvement in the assassination of JFK and many others in the US from Abe Lincoln to MLK.   The British are a serious lot of exploiters of the US and are causing the US serious problems today.





War on the 'Red Empire': How America planned for an attack on BRITAIN in 1930 with bombing raids and chemical weapons

By David Gerrie

Details of an amazing American military plan for an attack to wipe out a major part of the British Army  are today revealed for the first time.

In 1930, a mere nine years before the outbreak of World War Two, America drew up proposals specifically aimed at eliminating all British land forces in Canada and the North Atlantic, thus destroying Britain's trading ability and bringing the country to its knees.

Previously unparalleled troop movements were launched as an overture to an invasion of Canada, which was to include massive bombing raids on key industrial targets and the use of chemical weapons, the latter signed off at the highest level by none other than the legendary General Douglas MacArthur.

The plans, revealed in a Channel 5 documentary, were one of a number of military contingency plans drawn up against a number of potential enemies, including the Caribbean islands and China. There was even one to combat an internal uprising within the United States.

In the end there was no question of President Franklin D. Roosevelt subscribing to what was known as War Plan Red. Instead the two countries became the firmest of allies during WW2, an occasionally strained alliance that continues to this day.

Still, it is fascinating that there were enough people inside the American political and military establishment who thought that such a war was feasible.

While outside of America, both Churchill and Hitler also thought it a possibility during the 30s - a time of deep economic and political uncertainty.


In 1931, the U.S. government even authorised record-breaking transatlantic flying hero and known Nazi sympathiser Charles A. Lindbergh to be sent covertly as a spy to the west shore of Hudson Bay to investigate the possibility of using sea-planes for warfare and seek out points of low resistance as potential bridgeheads.


Four years later, the U.S. Congress authorised $57million to be allocated for the building of three secret airfields on the U.S. side of the Canadian border, with grassed-over landing strips to hide their real purpose.

All governments make 'worst case scenario' contingency plans which are kept under wraps from the public. These documents were unearthed buried deep within the American National Archives in Washington, D.C. - a top-secret document once regarded as the most sensitive on earth.

It was in 1930, that America first wrote a plan for war with 'The Red Empire' - its most dangerous empire.

But America's foe in this war was not Russia or Japan or even the burgeoning Nazi Germany. 

Plan Red was code for an apocalyptic war with Britain and all her dominions.

After the 1918 Armistice and throughout the 1920s, America's historic anti-British feelings handed down from the 19th century were running dangerously high due to our owing the U.S. 9billion for their intervention in The Great War.

British feeling against America was known to be reciprocal.

By the 1930s, America saw the disturbing sight of homegrown Nazi sympathisers marching down New York's Park Avenue to converge on a pro-Hitler rally in Madison Square Garden.

Across the Atlantic, Britain had the largest empire in the world, not to mention the most powerful navy.

Against this backdrop, some Americans saw their nation emerging as a potential world leader and knew only too well how Britain had dealt with such upstarts in the past - it went to war and quashed them.

Now, America saw itself as the underdog in a similar scenario.

In 1935, America staged its largest-ever military manoeuvres, moving troops to and installing munitions dumps at Fort Drum, half an hour away from the eastern Canadian border.

It was from here the initial attack on British citizens would be launched, with Halifax, Nova Scotia, its first target.

'This would have meant six million troops fighting on America's eastern seaboard,' says Peter Carlson, editor of American History magazine.

'It would have been like Verdun,' alluding to the brutal conflict between German and French troops in 1916 which resulted in a death toll of 306,000.

Even Winston Churchill said while people regarded a war with the U.S. as inconceivable, it was not.

'America felt Britain had thrown it under the bus in order to stay top dog,' says Professor Mike Vlahos, of the U.S. Naval War College.

'The U.S. was forced to contemplate any measure to keep Britain at bay.'

Even Hitler thought such a war was inevitable, but astonishingly wanted Britain to win, believing that to be the best outcome for Germany, since the UK could then join his forces to attack the U.S.

'You have to remember the U.S. was born out of a revolutionary struggle against Britain in 1776,' says Dr. John H. Maurer, of the U.S. Naval War College.

Using available blueprints for this war, modern-day military and naval experts now believe the most likely outcome of such a conflict would have been a massive naval battle in the North Atlantic with very few actual deaths, but ending with Britain handing Canada over to the U.S. in order to preserve our vital trade routes.

However, on June 15, 1939, the same year as the German invasion of Poland, an internal U.S. memo states these plans for an invasion were 'wholly inapplicable', but nevertheless 'should be retained' for the future.

This is now seen as the dawn of and prime reason behind the 'special relationship' between our two countries.




German-Soviet rapproachment and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Main article: Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

After dismissing Maxim Litvinov as Foreign Minister in 1939,[17] Stalin immediately directed incoming Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov to "purge the ministry of Jews", to appease Hitler and to signal Nazi Germany that the USSR was ready for non-aggression talks.[17][18][19][20]

According to some critics, anti-Semitic trends in the Kremlin's policies were fueled by the exile of Leon Trotsky.[21][22]

In the late 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s far fewer Jews were appointed to positions of power in the state apparatus than previously, with a sharp drop in Jewish representation in senior positions evident from around the time of the beginning of the late 1930s rapproachment with Nazi Germany.







The JFK Assassination: Still a Taboo Subject for the Mainstream Media in the United States


Almost 48 years after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, the mainstream media (MSM) in this country still treats it as a Taboo Subject. This is a strange state of affairs, given the MSM's propensity to tout its own courage and independence, and its important role as the Fourth Estate in our democracy.



The national security spinmasters, Obama's information CZAR Cass Sunstein, and the corporate media would prefer that you spend all your time obsessed with game shows, singing and dancing contests, so-called "reality shows" that are cheap to produce (and are, in reality, garbage), and modern age gladiatorial contests in large outdoor stadiums and indoor sports arenas. When you do focus on history from time to time they want you to accept the vanilla, mainstream, and simplistic interpretations of events ground out like sausage by mainstream historians and the MSM. They want you to engage in Goodthink, and think Goodthoughts. "But don't think too deeply, please." They don't want the American people to think too much about deep politics or historical trends; when we do focus on politics every two years or so, they want us to focus on "the horserace" each election cycle, and not on substantive issues. They definitely don't want us to focus on what has gone wrong in this country since the end of World War II---after all, if we all really get mad as hell, we might demand basic structural changes to our society and our system of government. These controlling elements of our society prefer that we adopt a "father knows best" mentality, and simply trust the national security elite to manage this nation's international affairs and military policies. They depend upon their allies and assets in the corporate mainstream media (whores, actually) to keep us distracted with pablum, and to define for us, on a daily basis, the bounds of what is "acceptable" for us to publicly discuss, and what is "not acceptable." [This is the game Chris Matthews of MSNBC, and CNN and the other major networks on television, are engaged in.] The loss of independence by the MSM and its failure to ever seriously oppose the nation state with any really hard-hitting investigative reporting on substantive issues (such as war and peace, and why people get assassinated) should be of very serious concern to us all. Once an independent media is lost, tyranny is only one step away. END







John Simkin operates the Education Forum from England.  Simkin once worked for Conrad Black, who is the mega-corporation conglomerate holder of Canada and controls the Canadian Press.  Simkin appears to have proposed this idea for the Education Forum in this time and it later came to pass.   Conrad Black is alligned with the notorious Argus Inc. and the Hollinger Group that is highly allied with British interests.  The Hollinger Group Newspaper unit attacked the Clinton’s and attempted to set him up for assassination.   There is so much rigging of the information on Simkin’s JFK Forum that many have come to see this site as a site that has the intention to deceive America for the British Royals.  I’ve conducted a several month study of Simkin’s Education Forum site and conclude it is not designed to solve the JFK assassination, but to attack any information and anyone that seriously tells the Domestic and Foreign Conspirators for the JFK Assassination.  Simkin’s Education Forum intentions appear to be captured in this piece called “Indoctrination U” :





Indoctrination U

by DON BOHNING / WashingtonDecoded.com

In the guise of education, John Simkin’s website delivers agitprop

If newspapers write “a first rough draft” of history, as the publisher Philip Graham once put it, then the internet can be said to host a “worst draft” of history.

There are tens of thousands of reliable websites about historical topics, of course, and many provide the actual tools (instant access to primary documents) that enable readers to reach their own, independent conclusions. But many other sites are extraordinarily tendentious and shroud their advocacy behind a mask of false scholarship.

A case in point is a website, Spartacus Educational, established in 1997 by John Simkin, a British historian. Spartacus is billed on Google as a “British online encyclopedia [that] focuses on historical topics . . . articles are geared toward students.” And the website, according to one description, is “one of the most established and popular history sites on the world wide web.” In the late 1990s, apparently, Simkin was one of the very first history teachers to recognize the potential of the internet and take advantage of the new digital medium. As for Simkin, he presents himself as a history teacher and prolific author of books about a diverse number of subjects—which he is, although his short books are mostly self-published.

An innocent student who stumbles onto Spartacus Educational would probably think the Google description is apt, and be impressed by Simkin’s credentials. It takes a little digging to figure out Simkin is much more interested in indoctrination than education, in keeping with his unreconstructed left-wing views. Simkin exemplifies the kind of militant socialists, once peculiar to the Labour Party, who were all but run out of that party by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

I first encountered Spartacus Educational three years ago, when Simkin contacted me after publication of my 2005 book, The Castro Obsession. At first I was impressed with Simkin’s diligence and outreach, and the portion of his website dedicated to US history, particularly intelligence history during the cold war. But it did not take long to learn that more often than not, the articles he featured were at variance with well-documented facts, including information I had gained directly from interviews and thousands of official documents declassified in recent years. Worse still, Simkin proved impervious to the idea that falsehoods should be corrected rather than perpetuated.

Operation 40

One of the most egregious misrepresentations on the Spartacus site involves “Operation 40.” The website describes it as a Central Intelligence Agency unit that was organized in the early 1960s to engage in sabotage operations against Cuba. Operation 40 then supposedly “evolved into a team of assassins.” No credible documentation is supplied to support either the sabotage or assassination claims, and for good reason: none exists.

To be sure, there was a CIA-organized group called Operation 40 involved in anti-Castro activities. And though it bears scant resemblance to the Simkin’s fictionalized version, the unit’s interesting history needs to be recounted before one can appreciate how much Simkin bends and distorts it... [Read the complete article here]



* * * * *

[Blog Note: John Simkin is the administrator of The Education Forum, a website which purports to be a “forum for teachers and educators.” The JFK Assassination Debate Forum, one of several forums within The Education Forum, is the current leading haven for conspiracy theorists debating the merits of the case against Lee Harvey Oswald.]







Argus corporation

http://books.google.com/books?id=RAtfybsdp4sC&pg=PA48&lpg=PA48&dq=winston+churchill+argus+corporation& source=bl&ots=80VX5kQudA&sig=9C8dmlr7kgL2G-vokTRCL4SjaCA&hl=en#v=onepage&q=winston%20churchill%20argus%20corporation& f=false


http://books.google.com/books?id=mFxYvLfnfs4C&pg=PA188&lpg=PA188&dq=President+Clinton+argus+corporation& source=bl&ots=XZfCupWYlb&sig=dzKv1PCPWDVzM_xn75XzQDtNCjk&hl=en#v=onepage&q=President%20Clinton%20argus%20corporation& f=false





Special Note:   For those that enjoyed and understood the massively of political control that formed up to hide those connected with the overthrow of America, consider that the same methods and techniques were employed when Oak Ridge discovered the effects of the Ozone Hole came from the Manhattan Projects sudden careless thrust into using Freon to cool the stages of the Uranium Gas Diffusion process.  The huge war effect shoved into service a new compound that was carelessly declared inert, but it was a transport mechanism for Chlorine and Fluorine into the upper atmosphere where it seriously harmed the Ozone formation process.  This loss of the Ozone filter in the atmosphere allowed higher levels of UV-b type radiation to affect the upper levels of the Southern Oceans by harming the Phytoplankton growth processes that were essential elements for the Ocean’s Sulfur Cycle that was a natural temperature regulation mechanism over the oceans and a cloud forming process that reflected both IR heat and UV-b back into space via Mie Scattering from from the cloud aerosols.   The oceans, before the Ozone Hole problems regulated their temperature via this reflection mechanism that takes water vapors and forms water aerosols that reflect IR energy from the Oceans, associated with the Sulfur Cycle.   The higher ocean temperatures due to this loss of temp regulation and cloud covers caused excess heating in the Southern Oceans cutting the amounts of CO2 that oceans could sink and convert and set up the slight rise in the CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.  The rise of the heat absorption in the Southern Oceans offset the ocean’s heat transportation balances and causes the Southern Oscillation or the El Nino effect of the hot spot in the Pacific Ocean’s Equatorial region.  This huge thermal absorption imbalance changes the ocean currents and temperatures around the planet and offsets the weather patterns for various areas of the Planet’s weather.


The very same methods used to conceal the JFK assassination are being used to conceal the Ozone Holes actual cause and effect mechanisms.  To offset these loss of cloud cover issues by natural methods the “Chemtrails” method was invented in Oak Ridge to increase the rates of cloud formations from Jet Plane travels over the oceans and also to increase the persistence of the cloud formations.  In this way some serendipitous methods of man’s other impacts on the planet and compensate to a degree to lessen the harm of man’s harm to the Ozone Layer and the Ocean’s Sulfur Cycle.


Similar Chemtrails methods were conceived in Oak Ridge to handle the Acid Rain problems that causes an upset in the uptake of toxic metals into the food chain for grazing animals that produces the CJ Diseases in farm and wild animals and is closely related Mad Cow effects due to the farm animals pesticides exposures and refeeding of bone material high in fluoride that is causing similar health effects.  These effects on wild grazing animals are regionally geographically dependent on the minerals of specific regions.   Mad Cow effects were mediated more directly by banning the refeeding of bone meal into their food chain and more carefully chosen and applied pesticides to their skins.   Many of the most devastating effects caused by man are being concealed from the world due to the corporation liabilities and they are using the JFK cover up techniques world wide to keep the Peoples of the World from these truths that affect the world.


The real story of 911 was about the US being set-up for attacks to promote this Royalist’s expansion under Bush-43.




Oh’ Missivity of History per Abe Lincoln and those that chose the evils of Exploitation of Humanity


There are many similarities between the Lincoln assassination and the one of JFK, as Abe Lincoln was a friend with Russian Czar Alexander, and they both agreed on freeing the Slaves.   In Russia they were called Serfs, and Czar Alexander returned a number of rights to these folks, like land ownership and the like.   The Surf's were not entirely happy with that deal, since the land cost was so great they didn't see an easy end in sight for owning the land.   After the US Civil War, the former slaves never were really free, just isolated from the rights and pay the White people enjoyed.

During the US Civil War the greedy British were going to attack the US to get back the Cotton production in the US South to fuel Liverpool’s import and textiles trades.   To prevent the exploitative British from attacking the US and starting a World War, Czar Alexander sent Russian War ships to keep the British out of the US and taking advantage of the Civil War.

One has to keep in mind that Liverpool was the shipping port that made huge profits on the slave trade and some major British banks were formed from those riches. Liverpool was the 2nd city of Britain, only due to London.  Liverpool controlled the drug trading, cotton, liquor, tobacco, etc.   They didn't like the slave trade being upset, or the cotton trade.

This would come to ferment literally the dichotomy between capitalism and socialism.   It would all seem to catch fire in Germany as the rich banker types wanted the keep control (Rothschilds) and the socialist movement wanted to have communal wealth distribution (Marx).   It was literally the differences seen in religions of old, where one sect called the Essene believed in socialism and the other believed in Royal Lords and Kings controlling the wealth.

Lincoln didn't like the loan rates the Europeans were going to charge him for the war on the South, because these European interests wanted to suppress the war on slavery that made for cheap cotton and Negro human exploitation profiteering.  Lincoln out smarted them and made his own money and what loans he did get from Europe he refused to pay the whopping usury.

The English then decide to hire themselves an assassin, as Lincoln refused to pay and there was no recourse but get Lincoln.  So, then comes along a Southern Sympathizer, meaning really a British sympathizer, named Booth that decided to shoot Abe because of screwing the British interests in the South.   Then, if one looks carefully one finds the British via Montreal, Canada were involved in the Lincoln hit.  The British work via exploitation of others and Abe Lincoln put a huge dent in that method and he had to die.   JFK had to die for much the same reasons, and lay in state on Lincoln’s bier and had funeral procession with Lincolns old Caisson Carriage.   There were many that understood who had JFK killed, as it almost mirrored the Lincoln assassination reason.

It isn't that much different with JFK as he interfered with the European Royalists interests and control over the US, and a Montreal British Interest named Major Louis Bloomfield, that ran PERMINDEX, is tied to being the paymaster for the JFK hit.


We owe the Civil War to Britain's Atlantic Triangle slave trade, which put Liverpool and lots of British Banks on the map.


Like it or not, all those crooked Texans got the help of the Brits via PERMINDEX to off JFK and cover it up and keep American's disenfranchised from their Constitution's original design for We The People's Freedom.

Too often history repeats itself.  Anyone carefully looking into the MLK assassination finds the same problems with paymasters in Montreal and British fears the Negro would discover it was Liverpool’s greed in human exploitation that was as the root of the Civil Rights issues, not Communism as Hoover was trying to foist into the public mind.  Malcolm-X, same.

Some of the more interesting other points are that the British Royals are all Germans, and to hide their German names that adopted the name of Windsor.  And their big banking supporters are the Rothschilds, who are also German and were originally Bauer surname.   The Lords and such of feudal Europe came to back the Royals all over an old religion theme.



Though it is generally know the Jewish European Bankers forced Britain into the WWII, this piece tells more.   But the Churchill photo appears to be photoshopped from the orginal two fingers Victory sign that many stem from this Jewish Banker involvement.





Winston Churchill Was the Bankers' Go'fer










Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude





The Soviet “Doctors' Plot”—50 years on










Page 74 of 84, The Donald Gibson Interview


Alliance of enemies: the untold story of the secret American and German Collaboration to End World War II

 By Agostino Von Hassell, Sigrid MacRae




The Jewish Origin of the Vulcan Salute

by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom


For folks wanting to understand the successes of Bill Clinton in taking on the British, consider this write up.  Bill Clinton almost balanced the US Budget and got the Fed. Res. types out of the American’s back pocket.   Bill Clinton complained of things like a Kabollah operating against the US and a secret side of Govt. that he was not in control.   Clinton appeared so resistant to the British control that he was up for assassination for doing similar things as JFK









For most serious JFK researchers, they recognize that HL Hunt, the 8F group, and the Dallas John Birch group were the connections that did JFK.   They had the motives, the power, and the opportunity.   And a special extremely aggravated hatred for JFK.


What most miss is that LHO was technically working for the HL Hunt system in New Orleans and was soon to be used in Dallas for the HL Hunt gang to dodge the bullet on killing JFK.


It appears that LHO's letter to a Mr. Hunt was intended for the Mr. HL Hunt of Dallas.  HL Hunt dies on Nov. 29, 1974, and then suddenly the LHO note gets mailed to JFK researchers from Mexico City in 1975 to attempt to dodge the connections of LHO with HL Hunt.  This is an obvious connection to finding this note tucked away in an HL Hunt records or safes and used to draw attention away from HL Hunt by mailing copies to JFK researchers from Mexico City.   EH Hunt was associated with Mexico City and the HL Hunt gang had been desperate to blame the assassination on the CIA or the Mafia, and keep the heat off of HL Hunt.   The inheritors of the Hunt Fortune would also be desperate to keep the heat off of Daddy's fortunes and their follow on political designs.


But there is more to the story, as from the articles below:




John F. Kennedy, The Secret Service and Rich, Fascist Texans






Beginning in 1952, several influential military men, flattered by Hunt's attention and conscious of his power, acquired the habit of consulting and confiding in him. Thus General George C. Kenney (born in 1889), former Commanding General of the Strategic Air Command, who retired from the Air Force in 1951, told him of his personal plan for knocking out Russia's nuclear capacity, based on the strategy of a preventive strike. General Albert C. Wedemeyer (born in 1897), author of the "Wedemeyer Reports" and an active member of the John Birch Society, (24) retired from the Army in 1951, (25) and Admiral James Van Fleet (born in 1892 and retired from the Navy in 1953) (26) were among the specialists consulted by Hunt, who shared their passion for strategy and extermination. The advent of Kennedy and McNamara created a stir among the military, and there were many retirements and dismissals.






FAST FORWARD: At 12:23 on November 22, from his office on the 7th floor of the Mercantile Building, Haroldson Lafayette Hunt watched John Kennedy ride towards Dealey Plaza, where fate awaited him at 12:30. A few minutes later, escorted by six men in two cars, Hunt left the center of Dallas without even stopping by his house.


At that very moment; General Walker was in a plane between New Orleans and Shreveport. He joined Mr. Hunt in one of his secret hideaways across the Mexican border. There they remained for a month, protected by personal guards, under the impassive eyes of the FBI. It was not until Christmas that Hunt, Walker and their party returned to Dallas.




According to the Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal manuscript written under the nom de plume "William Torbitt," both Halliburton and George and Herman Brown were among the principal financiers of Permindex, along with Jean de Menil, mob lawyer Roy Cohn, Dallas oilman H.L. Hunt, and others.


The Vice President and his neo-con allies such as Defense Secretary Donald Rumseld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, et al., are agents of a power which is committed to eliminating the principles espoused in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, in favor of a global bankers' dictatorship. This same oligarchic power, acting through merchant banks like Lazard Freres and Rothschild and other financial institutions, controls a large swath of Wall Street and corporate America, including Halliburton. Halliburton's power does not flow from Cheney, but from Cheney's backers, the Synarchist bankers. Cheney's policy toward the people of Iraq is the same as Halliburton's policy toward its asbestos claimants, and the same as Goering's policy toward the people in the Nazi work camps.


Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Makes You Free) read the sign over the entrance to Auschwitz. It was an example of Goering's "big lie" tactic in action. The Cheney cabal's pronouncements that we must accept police-state tactics in our own nation and pre-emptive strikes against other nations in the name of freedom, rings just as false. Hermann Goering would be proud. ...


Halliburton also has strong intelligence ties, notably through the presence on its board from 1977 through 2000 of the King Ranch's Anne Armstrong, who chaired the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) from 1981 until 1990, in addition to a stint as U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, and her long-standing role as chairman of the executive committee at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a powerful Washington think-tank.


Armstrong's successor as Halliburton's top spook is Ray Hunt, one of five Dresser directors to join the Halliburton board. Hunt, the son of reputed Permindex funder H.L. Hunt, was appointed to the PFIAB by President George W. Bush in October 2001. Oilman Hunt is also a trustee of the CSIS and a director of the King Ranch, suggesting that Hunt is taking the retiring Armstrong's spot in a long-standing Texas intelligence network. Hunt is also a trustee of the George Bush Presidential Library and a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.




For Bush, it appears that campaign cash counts far more than expertise. And few backers have given Bush's campaigns more cash than Ray Hunt, son of the legendary Dallas billionaire bigamist oilman H.L. Hunt. PFIAB membership is a plum position for Hunt, who raised about $100,000 for Bush during the 2000 campaign and also served as the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee.


Hunt's position at PFIAB may benefit a familiar entity in the Bush crony network: Halliburton, which is doing billions of dollars' worth of reconstruction and logistics work for the U.S. government in Iraq and on the Gulf Coast. Hunt sits on Halliburton's board of directors. He got his spot on the Halliburton board in 1998 while Dick Cheney was running the company. As soon as Hunt got on the Halliburton board, he was put on its compensation committee, where he helped determine Cheney's pay. Indeed, in 1998, Hunt's committee decided that Cheney deserved a bonus of $1.1 million and restricted stock awards of $1.5 million on top of his regular salary of $1.18 million.


Hunt has been on the PFIAB since 2001. Presumably, months ahead of everyone else, he had access to intelligence indicating that the Bush administration was going to invade Iraq -- information that could have been of value to certain oil service companies with operations in the Middle East.... the decision to appoint Hunt [and other cronies] is part of the "familiar pattern that we've seen so often with this administration: The president's pals and supporters are esteemed more highly than those who have genuine competence." He continues: "These people aren't the best and the brightest. They are the best connected. And the quality of our government suffers as a result."




The blame must be laid not so much on the Secret Service agents as on their chiefs, and on the White House assistant responsible for the President's security. We have cited only their most glaring errors, but there were others -- less important perhaps, but characteristic of their lack of discipline, such as their drinking on duty. (11) Abraham Bolden, the only Negro in the Presidential bodyguard, asked to testify before the Warren Commission on the subject of some of these accusations, but the Committee refused to hear him. Later, he was fired from the Secret Service on grounds of professional incompetence.(12)


The Secret Service was guilty of negligence, as the highly respected Wall Street Journal commented. But its agents were professionals, and they recognized the work of other professionals. They were the first in the President's entourage to realize that the assassination was a well organized plot. They discussed it among themselves at Parkland Hospital and later during the plane ride back to Washington. They mentioned it in their personal reports to Secret Service Chief James Rowley that night. Ten hours after the assassination, Rowley knew that there had been three gunmen, and perhaps four, at Dallas that day, and later on the telephone Jerry Behn remarked to Forrest Sorrels (head of the Dallas Secret Service), "It's a plot." "Of course," was Sorrel's reply. Robert Kennedy, who had already interrogated Kellerman, learned that evening from Rowley that the Secret Service believed the President had been the victim of a powerful organization.


President Kennedy was dead, but the Secret Service was never officially inculpated. There were several staff changes in the White House detail, but two agents, Youngblood and Hill, were decorated. Because it reinforced its thesis, the Warren Commission blamed the Presidential guards, but a soldier is worth no more than his commanding officer, and the heads of the Secret Service were not worth much.








Schlumberger also helped bring Fidel Castro to power by helping overthrow the Batista regime. It was involved in the assassination of Kennedy through company president Jean de Menil, the White Russian husband of Schlumberger heiress Dominique Schlumberger de Menil, acting through the New Orleans office of the Swiss-based company Permindex. Permindex had also organized several attempts on the life of French President Charles de Gaulle.


There are indications that both Halliburton and Brown & Root were also involved in Permindex. According to the Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal manuscript written under the nom de plume "William Torbitt," both Halliburton and George and Herman Brown were among the principal financiers of Permindex, along with Jean de Menil, mob lawyer Roy Cohn, Dallas oilman H.L. Hunt, and others.


Over the years, EIR has confirmed many aspects of the Torbitt manuscript and finds these claims credible, and if the claims about Halliburton and the Browns are true, then it puts Halliburton and Brown & Root firmly in the Synarchy camp, before their merger, and some three decades before Dick Cheney took over the company. It would also confirm the Schlumberger link and suggest that, rather than being a rival, Halliburton is more of a clone and junior partner of Schlumberger.




Halliburton also has strong intelligence ties, notably through the presence on its board from 1977 through 2000 of the King Ranch's Anne Armstrong, who chaired the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) from 1981 until 1990, in addition to a stint as U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, and her long-standing role as chairman of the executive committee at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a powerful Washington think-tank.


Armstrong's successor as Halliburton's top spook is Ray Hunt, one of five Dresser directors to join the Halliburton board. Hunt, the son of reputed Permindex funder H.L. Hunt, was appointed to the PFIAB by President George W. Bush in October 2001. Oilman Hunt is also a trustee of the CSIS and a director of the King Ranch, suggesting that Hunt is taking the retiring Armstrong's spot in a long-standing Texas intelligence network. Hunt is also a trustee of the George Bush Presidential Library and a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.


Another of the directors who came over from Dresser was Lawrence Eagleburger, the former U.S. Secretary of State and president of Kissinger Associates.



JFK Assassination Easy Way, via his best friend in Dallas.





The easiest route for the connections of LHO on the JFK assassination is perhaps via his best friend in the US, a White Russian named George de Mohrenschilt. White Russian associations track back to the Gehlen Organization operating in Europe to spy on Russia and also the Boris Pash operations connected with nuclear efforts in the US (Manhattan Project, Remington) and abroad (Dimona).

Be sure to connect Jean (aka John) DeMenil with PERMINDEX and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. This was the European Old Money Intelligence gang working inside the US.

Keep in mind that DeMenil's Schlumberger worked South Africa, where PERMENDEX had to run after General DeGalle got after them for targeting him. Schlumberger also operated from Paris, so moving things was easy into Paris.

Schlumberger also operated from Congo and Romania.

Schlumberger also operated in California, principally Bakersfield. This appears to connect to how Clay Shaw moved his PERMINDEX records to California and Reagan resisted extradition of records and witnesses.

LHO's best pal George de Mohrenschilt was in the same business of well logging as Schlumberger and close with DeMenil.

PERMINDEX was operating in the US with Clay Shaw, Ferenc Nagy in Dallas, John (Jean) De Menil in Houston with lots of 8F ties, and even Bloomfield in Montreal and the drug dealings going back to Liverpool. George Mantello (aka Mandel) would move to New Orleans as Europe got too hot for him.

California Gov. Reagan and Senator Rousselot got into the PERMINDEX / Schlumberger's games to cover up the JFK assassination from Jim Garrison.

8F Houston has the Bush and Zapata associations.

The biggest problem was PERMINDEX was a Foreign Intelligence Group of the European Old Money Royals and they were running cross purpose to the CIA directions, and highly meddling against JFK.

The Houston 8F gang was too close to the PERMINDEX designs and both intent on screwing JFK.

8F, HL Hunt, and PERMINDEX were essentially cooperation with foreign groups for an act of Treason in killing JFK.







DOMINIQUE and Jean de Menil were a young couple with a growing family when they moved to Houston in 1941. They had spent much of the early war years apart, Jean in Romania, sabotaging rail deliveries to Nazi forces, Dominique with the children at the family home in the South of France.

Jean de Menil had come to Houston to establish Schlumberger (his wife's family firm) as an overseas company, independent of Vichy France. Over the next few decades, they were to amass one of the great private art collections in the world - some 15,000 pieces spanning 4,000 years. Meanwhile, they had become equally interested in the ecumenical movement and the cause of human rights around the world.

Dominique was the daughter of Conrad Schlumberger, the French inventor who, with the financial backing of his father and in partnership with his brother Marcel, had spent more than 20 years perfecting the electronic logging device that would transform oil exploration around the world, and gradually build the enormous family fortune.    The Schlumbergers had no interest in art. They were scientists and inventors. Dominique was brought up in Paris and took graduate and postgraduate degrees in mathematics and physics at the Sorbonne. She met her husband, Baron Jean de Menil, a banker, at a party in Versailles; he joined Schlumberger a few years after their marriage in 1931.

Britain Hates Catholics.   The Battles between Northern Ireland and Ireland raged well into the latter 1990s.  JFK visited Catholic Dublin, Ireland in June 1963




England's 1688 Bill of Rights prohibits heirs to British throne from marrying "a papist," a rule designed to protect the power of the Church of England.

It is one of the few remaining discriminatory laws in Britain from the bloody religious struggle between Catholics and Protestants that consumed the country throughout the 1500s and 1600s.



History of Ireland’s Catholic and Protestant Troubles:




Britain Still Hates Catholics----as leaders of Britain----the history of Catholic Hate



The decision to overturn the centuries-old tradition known as primogeniture was accompanied by the scrapping of a constitutional prohibition on the monarch’s marrying a Roman Catholic. But the rule that reserves the throne to Protestants will remain.

While the Cameron government took the lead in pushing the changes, it had to secure unanimous consent from the other countries that recognize the monarch as their head of state, a subset of the 54 countries that are members of the Commonwealth.

These include the nations of the so-called old Commonwealth, like Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and other countries that have gained their independence from Britain in recent decades. Those include the Bahamas, Jamaica and other Caribbean nations; Belize, in Central America; and three Pacific nations, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu.

The change comes at another important juncture in the modern monarchy, the 60th anniversary in February of the succession of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts in Britain’s Parliament to change the succession rules in recent years, the Cameron government, in office 18 months, put its weight fully behind the changes, and court officials said Queen Elizabeth was strongly supportive. Nearing the end of a 10-day trip to Australia that has drawn large crowds, she was in Perth in her capacity as head of the Commonwealth when the announcement was made.

The bar on the monarch’s marrying a Catholic, like the rule on primogeniture, was enshrined in an array of statutes, most significantly in the Bill of Rights of 1689 and the Act of Settlement of 1701, which followed the turmoil of the monarchy of King James II, the last Catholic monarch.

The rules governing the monarchy were set after the violent upheavals that Britain endured in the 16th and 17th centuries after Henry VIII broke with Rome over control of the church in England, an event that led to centuries of marginalization, and often persecution, for Roman Catholics in Britain.

Over the centuries, legal discrimination against Catholics has been dismantled one brick at a time. Laws that forbade Catholics to serve in the army, own or inherit land, vote, hold public office or join one of the “learned professions” have been scrapped, leaving the provision forbidding the monarch to marry a Catholic exposed, as most Catholics have seen it, as a relic of the past.

What remains unchanged in the succession rules is the requirement that the monarch be a Protestant, not a “Papist” as the Act of Settlement provided, and “in communion” with the Church of England.

That, in turn, is linked to the constitutional position of the Church of England as the country’s established church, headed by the monarch. The Anglican primacy has come under a growing challenge by Britain’s rapidly increasing ethnic and religious diversity in recent decades, particularly among Muslim leaders.

In his remarks in Perth, Mr. Cameron reaffirmed the rule that reserves the throne to a Protestant.

“Let me be clear,” he said, “the monarch must be in communion with the Church of England, because he or she is the head of the church.” He added, “But it is simply wrong to say they should be denied the right to marry a Catholic should they wish to do so.”


































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